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Horse Cart Plans

Finally, a good brake system is needed to stop the go-kart. Smack into a fence or a bush once and you’d had wished you had taken the advice of installing so good brakes. Don’t go light on the brakes, stopping the go-kart is more than just jamming a stick into the ground. There are several types the most primitive being the rubbing style brake. The other two are the drum brake and the disc brake. The most stopping power can be had out of the disc brake, because it dissipates the heat better and does not fade like the rubbing and the disc brake.

The first question is pretty important because it dictates the size of the go kart, how much horsepower is needed, what gear ratio is needed and finally what size tires/brakes you will need to keep this bad boy maneuverable.

Service is very important even when running an online store. Some might say that it is even more important as online shoppers are not in contact with another human being when they shop.

Budget Adequately


I would recommend putting aside about $300 a month for at least 2 years if you want run an online store. This figure includes drop shipping, SEO and PPC fees.

If you are planning to sell products online, you’ll need a shopping cart system.

– Steering

First how many people are going to be riding in this go kart?