Self Watering Office Planters – Planter Plans

5. Clean out the pulp very well to keep the pumpkin from rotting. Coat the exposed edges with petroleum jelly as well to keep the flesh from shriveling and drying up. To keep the pumpkin from developing molds or shriveling up, you can also spray it with matte craft shellac.

The pumpkin has always been associated with the Halloween. It is usually carved with spooky faces and made into a Jack O’Lantern. Pumpkins can also be made into several kinds of decorations. They can be made into indoor or outdoor planters for your plants and a Halloween decoration at the same time. Sample Pumpkin Planter

If possible try different size planters in different places to get a feel for the effect they achieve before filling them with flowers, shrubs or other plants. Look through home decor magazines for decks and patios that you really like and ideas that you can make your own. By taking the time to do a little experimenting you’ll be able to get some ideas that will work for you and your specific needs. After all, the purpose of using outdoor planters to decorate your patio or deck in to make your outdoor living space more attractive for you, your family, and your guests.

Furthermore, Capri Planters are available in round and square shapes with varying silhouette as well as offer both smooth and textured finishes. The fiberglass components of these types of planters help it withstand elemental adversities that include water, heat and moisture intrusion. In addition, these could be availed as wholesale fiberglass planters.

Ideal really!

Some of the significant types of self watering office planters are the Cubano Planters in Charcoal Metallic Shade, Cardiff-Well with Silver Metallic coatings and Min-Well Planters. Each of these types of planters has its own specific features that make it more distinctive compared with other planter products. These could likewise be considered one of the elegant desk planters, which are on demand in the current market. Indeed, with the existence of these planters anyone would surely get ultimate satisfaction in a cost efficient way.

Through the years, various manufacturers have come up with more prominent architectural planters that could exceptionally enhance the beauty of the entire place. In some cases, these well designed planters could be customized in large well-built planters to particularly support heavy and huge plants or flowers. In fact, it could even be seen in different commercial establishments such as popular restaurants, hotels, or other types of retail businesses, which standout beautifully within such particular places. It also features geometric structural appeal that could bring elegant accent to every type of decor within the area. It typically ranges from 18 inches to 72 inches length and width, which is obviously large enough to amaze passersby.

4. Paint Your Commercial Planters Creatively. Typically, you would have to put a primer first to so that your paint will not absorb in the surface of the material. But since PVC does not accept moisture, you can skip the primer. Paint your commercial planters directly and the number of coats is your choice as well.