Setting Your Christmas Dinner Table – Shaker Table Plans

Have a tweeting plan – Be sure to tweet often about your event.  Share progress on any plans you’re making, who’s RSVP’d, speakers you’ve lined up, etc. With more and more “noise” on Twitter, tweeting every now and then isn’t enough.  You should really be tweeting on a daily basis to promote your event.  Once you start getting RSVPs, build even more momentum by tweeting about some of the people who have RSVP’d yes.

This table has been adapted for Hardgainer’s, or people who are naturally smaller and have a hard time gaining weight and/or muscle.

I also want you to try and include a serving of fruits for every protein shake snack you have. Fruits like apples, pears, oranges and bananas are excellent sources and all count as 1 serving.

Meal Frequencies:

Remember we said baby steps right? I am going to assume that you have just started out in fitness and you are looking to start eating like a bodybuilder but have never attempted it.

At first glance, the Agel compensation plan looks very much like what’s known as a binary plan, which means that as you build your organization – a.k.a. “downline” – you build a left side and right side.

For this particular article, I want you to focus on muscle building, so a caloric surplus is required but for now we will not worry about how much you need to eat. Simply including a slight increase every week through quality protein and healthy fats and just the act of eating healthier will be enough to get you gaining muscle and seeing a much improved physique.

There is an entire process I teach my clients around this concept. And it starts long before you even show up for any meeting. It’s not hard to do. With a bit of cleverness, and some advanced planning, anyone can do it.

Macronutrient Split:

Unfortunately, there is no rule set in stone that works for each person. You have to learn from experience which one works best for you.