Seven Rules of Planning – Sandbox Plans

Most new websites register their domain name for a single year and renew it annually. If you register your domain for as long as what you can afford then you build trust with the search engines. By registering your domain name for five or more years you are giving a clear indication that you plan on been here for the long haul. Google became an official Domain Name Registrar in 2005 and is most definitely using the ICANN records within its search algorithm to a certain extent.

This has to be much more than “plays well in the sandbox” kind of behavior. The planning group needs to be creative, generative and able to move quickly to implement change. They have got to be collaborators, problem solvers and be change agents within their organization.

How can you understand that your new website is in Google Sandbox?

Building a sandbox is not a huge investment in money, and depending on whether you build it from scratch or use a kit, it doesn’t have to be a big investment in time, either. But you do want it to stand up to the test of time while your kids are young enough to enjoy it. So take an hour to do a little pre-planning before starting your project, and it will pay off in the long run. With a little time and energy, you’ll create a finished product that your children will enjoy for years to come.

It is called sandbox because your website is put in an area where you are isolated from others. If you are sent to sandbox, you can’t compete with old and established ones till your lovely website proves itself. You need to play with other children and you will need time; you will need to grow before playing with adults. If you grow up and gain Google’s trust, then you can rank well on SERPs.

How did this happen? What allowed Jason to be on the team that was led to this dark place? Clearly there was a lack of supervision. His manager was not providing oversight. What was really going on you ask? This could be the subject for an article or book and that is for another time.

The first rule is “always pick the right team for planning.” This poses the question of who should be part of the planning team. This is an important question. It is important that planning team members are people who are committed to, and can add value to the conversation about the growth of the company.

Linking Strategy

Once you have registered your site you should put a few pages of content up there. These pages don’t have to be part of the final design of the site but they act as an indicator of the site’s future content. By placing content on the site you are providing search engine spiders with content to crawl. It is their job to crawl websites. If all you have is a logo with ‘coming soon’ text on your site, then the spider won’t care much to return to your site and won’t be in a hurry to return.

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