Shake, Rattle and Roll – shaker furniture plans

Home Fabric Selection

Shaker cabinets are particularly beautiful in any of the warm woods, such as:

A traditional dining room is comprised of a dining set that is decorated with heavily ornate details such as carvings on table edges and legs. The chairs will have the same details to match the table. A unique characteristic of traditional dining furniture is an obvious attempt to mimic or imitate hand-carved furniture masterpieces that defined the industry in centuries past. Usually, traditional dining pieces are generously sized and often bulky.

o Mostly Modern Styles use geometric lines and well-matched colors to add an air of neatness to the whole look and feel of the room. For additional impact make sure the room(s) have lots of natural light and plenty of space. Cove lighting and washing walls with light are other options to be explored.

It’s not impossible to own a piece of this furniture however only few of us could buy originals today if they were sold. You will be surprised that you can create your own shaker style furniture with simple Shaker furniture plans. By using woodworking plans you probably can have shaker furniture exactly according to your needs. The tools and the materials that you need can be purchased from your local lumber store or home improvement shop.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because most people do not make the best decisions when it comes to home furniture design and fabric selection. While there is no procedure you can follow to come up with what is best for your home, here are some guidelines on how to go about selecting your furniture design and how to make the correct fabric selection to go with it.

Of course, you will also need high quality tools and materials to come up with the best shaker furniture. You can find most of these materials at home improvement shops near you. It is also necessary that you employ a great plan that is designed by a certified woodworking professional or shaker furniture expert.

Strap it Down: Large pieces of furniture, pictures and your water heater should be strapped down, preferably to a stud. The water heater represents thirty to fifty gallons of clean, potable water, but only if it s still standing. You can get earthquake putty to secure smaller items to the furniture or shelves.


Duck, Cover and Hold: These events can happen at any time, and you should know what to do in each situation. Teach it to your children as well. Northridge happened at about 4:30 in the morning, so the kids were both still in bed. We’d taught them to stay there and pull the blankets up over their heads so flying stuff wouldn’t hurt them. (The furniture wasn’t a threat.) It was a good thing, as there was glass from a shattered window on our elder daughter’s pillow when we came up after daybreak to check the damage.