Shed Plans For the Do – free birdhouse plans

With some basic woodworking skills you too, can craft your own replica architectural bird house. The time and detail put into handcrafting the replica bird house will make it a truly unique and personal work of art. By following the same steps followed at New England Birdhouse, you’ll be able to create a one of a kind architectural replica birdhouse of your own.


Thoroughly sand the exterior of your replica bird house and remove any sawdust. Seal the exterior of the bird house with a water based paint sealer (like Kilz) and blend exterior grade latex paint to match the colors you desire. The blended exterior colors can be airbrushed or hand brushed onto the bird house. Finally two coats of non-yellowing marine urethane finish are sprayed onto the birdhouse.

So what kind of plans can you find in Woodworking4Home. There are plans for benches, book cases, boats, cabinets, beds, cellars, chairs, CD/DVD holders, birdhouses, cradles, desks, barns and so much more. You can find almost everything you can think of for your home. You’ll even find plans for hobbies, pets, and even for guitars.

2. Design:

As you are planning and building your replica birdhouse, always consider the safety and well being of the birds that will occupy the house. The nesting chambers should be left unfinished and free of any paint, glue or chemicals. Any sharp points from exposed screws or nails should be filed smooth. The nesting chambers must have access for cleaning, a drainage and ventilation area and an appropriately sized entry hole. To attract most common cavity nesters use a hole no larger than 1 3/4″. To protect young nestlings, make sure that the entry hole is at least 4″-5″ from the floor of the birdhouse, so they cannot fall out. Do not include any perches, as they will function as a place for predators to harass the nestlings.

2. Construction materials for many projects can be found for free in the scrap piles of construction sites. ALWAYS ask before removing anything from a construction site, even if it is obviously discarded. Theft from such sites is on the rise, and only the site supervisor is in apposition to make a decision on releasing materials. You can use these scraps to create rustic signs for home and garden, for small projects such as planters or birdhouses, or broken tile for mosaic tabletops. Scrap siding may be able to be pieced together and painted for a bead board look on cabinets doors. Also consider asking related businesses such as tile shops for their broken pieces or discards.

These woodworking tips and tricks I’m about to share in this article have specifically you in mind.

I know very little about drawing plans, but enough to know this project required professional help. No way could I tell my wife I simply did not know where to begin.

If you are someone who is just about to start on the fascinating hobby of woodworking or you have done a project or two in the past but you’re looking for some free woodworking tips to help you embark on more woodworking projects, I say, read on.