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Difficult economic times have arrived for millions of families across the country, and many are facing challenging financial decisions.

The cornerstone of financial planning in recent years has been the Child Trust Fund (CTF). This is a long-term investment account opened in the name of your child, and where only your child is entitled to withdraw funds when they turn 18.

There is one more advice for you, which is you should consider increasing your retirement plan. It may sound strange to you, but it would really be beneficial and convenient for you if you make these savings in your own account.

I could only find fat camps and schools to put her in. Well this is absolutely out of the question for me. I am not sending my child off somewhere just because she is overweight. I love her with all my heart and I am keeping her.

8. Financial agreements: who pays what and when

When exchanging the wedding vows, you can add their names if you’re having a traditional service. If you choose not to write your own vows, you can always add their names when the vows are recited. So instead of simply having “I, Mary, take you, John, to be my lawfully wedded husband,” you can say “I, Mary, take you, John to be my lawfully wedded husband and your children, Amy and Brian, to love as if they were my own.” You can also choose to add little fun moments or quotes about the children within the vow, like promising to teach them how to play baseball or being there for every ballet practice. That gesture lets them know they are being involved in your new life as a married couple, and that you actually care enough to know about their likes and dislikes.

8. Presents – As your guests arrive, put their present’s into a box/bag so your child is not tempted to open them as they arrive. It prevents embarrassing moments such as your child throwing the opened present in the corner saying “I don’t like that!” It also gives you a chance to sit down, enjoy your child opening the gifts, and make a note of who gave what ready for your thank you letters.

Going through their parents’ divorce is a hard experience for most children. Some of my child clients have told me that it was like getting a divorce themselves.