Skateboarding for Big or Tall Boarders – Skateboard Ramp Plans

Skateboarding is and can be a very fun and interesting sport to participate in. Skateboarding, can be done on a amateur level or done on a professional level. For instance Tony Hawk, he has made millions of dollars, from just skateboarding.

Materials and gear can vary greatly depending on the kind of plan you follow, however, you will probably require:

In closing, know your board, choose wisely.

Collect together all your notes and photos and sit down and design your ramp on paper. Decide how high you want to go, don’t go over board to start with if you’re a beginner, you can always make a bigger ramp in the future.

The 80s were a comparatively slow decade for skateboarding although there was a boost that came with the popularity of the VCR when the first skateboard videos were introduced. The Bones Brigade Video Show was particularly popular and made Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen, Stacy Peralta, and Kevin Staab household names amongst the skating fraternity.

Make a five ft. line along the lower portion of the ramp. This will serve as the bottom of the set-up. Connect the upper portion to the end portion of the deck by creating a curved line. Use a half-circle tool to make sure that the curved line has the correct measurement. Use a skill to cut the lines to ensure the smoothness of the curves. Repeat the same process on the wood for the other part of the set-up. Use two-by-four’s to connect the 2 parts. They should be place at intervals where they can help strengthen the set-up. Utilize a piece of 3/8″ wood for the actual ramp part. Shape it to fit the curve perfectly. Sand any rough portions of the set-up.

Materials Needed In Constructing A Skateboard Ramp

2. Skateboard Knee Pads / Skateboard Elbow Pads

If you are in the market for a skateboard helmet, look for these features:

It is advisable to construct a skateboard ramp in a space in your home or a secluded street especially if you want to practice your skateboarding skills anytime you want. It should be easily move and disassemble for easy storage. You can construct a ramp with standard wood and two by four’s if you are familiar with some building basics. You can also ask the help of your friend to make things easier.