Small Wood Projects – wood projects for kids


Things like pen or crayon holders are also simple to make, and can be quite fun. Kids can use them to store their own pencils and crayons. Similarly kids can also make frames for photos or stands for different things like trophies, medals, or any other supplies.

You can even find wood working kits that require no tools at all! Arts and crafts stores sell ready to assemble wood toys from a bygone era – simple as can be, the parts just need to be glued together, you don’t even need to read the instructions – but hey – have the kid read the instructions – it’s all part of the learning experience.

Parents can help their kids in deciding which project to do. Kids usually will want to make something big, but this may be outside their skill set at the present. So you should choose something that is attractive enough that they want to do it and yet also simple and practical for them so that they can actually finish it.

The best part of this Easter basket crafts for kids is adding whatever they want inside the basket, or even use it to collect eggs on their big Easter hunt.

If you are wondering how you can stimulate your child’s creativity why not try to do a woodworking project with your kids. Children love to play with tools and create stuff, but many parents don’t have much confidence in their child being able to work with tools responsibly.

Using a measuring tape, measure the height and diameter of the tin. Now cut a piece of wrapping paper 1 inch longer and 1 1/2 inches taller than the height of the tin.

Three different projects depending on age and skill level

There are at present plenty of giant toy retailers on each side of the Pond who sell the complete range of construction toys for kids, retailers like Toys R Us, Amazon, and Argos.

Imagine if this was in a classroom environment. Picture those rows and rows of sums they would need to do to achieve the same results, it takes me back to my school days. Don’t you think that Real Construction’s educational construction toys for kids will teach your child those essential skills quicker, while having more fun, than when they are learning in the classroom, which in my book makes them perfect educational learning toys.