Solid Wood Furniture Goes With Every Decor – solid wood furniture

Designing your bedroom with solid wood furniture

Overall, as expected, solid wood furniture comes out on top and it is because of this that recently people are trying their best to buy quality pieces as much as they can afford to. There is definitely a place for cheap, easy furniture and if you’re renting, likely to move or just a little low on cash, it could be the perfect solution. Otherwise, if you are intending to furnish your home, it is probably worth saving up for some durable, attractive pieces.

The texture and colouration of solid wood furniture compliments any interior decor, bringing with it, a subtly radiating warmth that permeates the room. Not stark or jarring to the eye, it presents a pleasingly soft aesthetic, which lends itself perfectly to your relaxing bedroom theme.

A comfortable bedroom will have plenty of blankets, throws and cushions to add a touch of luxury and style. Pick colours that contrast with your key furniture pieces for a contemporary modern look.

Most people who know furniture, however, say nothing tops solid wood furniture. Why? They say the durability, style, and beauty of the real thing is something that can’t be matched by wood veneer.

It can also be finished with a natural wax or a tinted wax. Stains and paints can also be applied but wood is so beautiful anyway that you should consider changing the colour very carefully, however it can always be sanded back and given a natural wax or varnish at a later date (something you can’t do with veneer).

Although it undoubtedly looks good, are there any other reasons to choose solid wood? Well yes, there are.

Tongue and groove joints can be found in wood panelling, for example on wardrobe fronts. It is also commonly used on flooring. The two bits of wood are cut so that they slide together. The tongue is the bit of wood that slots into the thin, deep ridge cut to take it (known as the groove).

Veneers are most commonly made from wood including maple and hardwood. They vary in thickness. Today veneer can be found as thin as 1/64 of an inch thick. Extremely thin veneer may not be able to be repaired if damaged. Better quality furniture will have end pieces that are finished with real wood, but these days the veener is created with a very thin layer that is applied to presswood and layered over hardwood using adhesive.

Of course solid wood furniture for the bedroom does not have to stop at the bed. Bedside cabinets, drawer sets, chairs, dressing tables, wardrobes, blanket boxes, chests and the increasingly popular chaise longue can all be crafted from good quality timber and would compliment each other perfectly.