Some Gated Communities with too Many Homes for Sale with Similar Floor Plans are Deteriorating – Gate Plans

When the Marketing Rep documents this list of requirements they will meet with Research or Development/Engineering, who will sign-off and accept this as their concept design input. This is another stage-gate. Now the project is in the hands of the Research or Development/Engineering Team to create their conceptual design.

Marketing Launch

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Return on Investment Analysis

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The next thing you’re going to do is determine the size of the gate. You can determine the exact dimension by measuring the height of the existing fence and measuring the width of the opening of the fence. These dimension will be used as a basis in determining the layout of your fence gate.

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Examine your gate. There may be a stone or obstruction that prevents the gate from opening. You just need to remove it and test again if the gate is already functioning. Also inspect for worn parts.

Pressure-mounted pet gates are very popular due to the ease of installing them and moving them.