Staining Your Wood – wood

If you’ve ever bought an unfinished wood frame then you may already know this important pitfall. Unfinished wood frames can be easily damaged by water or any sticky or oily substance if there is direct contact with the frame. Unfinished frames are exactly that- they are raw wood and have no protective lacquer or coating to seal the frame from destructive elements. That means a simple water droplet or greasy fingerprint can leave a mark on your unfinished wood frame that’s difficult to fix. So, if your want an unfinished frame just know that you need to be extra careful to avoid touching the frame or having liquid around it otherwise you could permanently damage your picture frame.

The substrate is the material of the core of the desk. In other words, it’s the material under the veneer. In wood furniture, the substrate could be made of plywood. Plywood is nothing but glued thin sheets of wood. Just take the time to make sure the substrate is of good quality and find out exactly what type of wood it is.

Tired of paying those high fuel bills to heat your home? If you don’t mind some hard work, you might be able to save a bundle by switching to wood as your primary heat source. There are many other benefits, as well. Let’s explore some of them.

In addition to the money savings, there are other benefits in processing and burning wood for heat.

The appeal of these species is often in their rich colors and their durability. Many are considerably harder than oak or maple. A number of tropical woods have been acclaimed as environmentally friendly due to their quick growth rate. The quickest self-replenishers are bamboo and cork (neither are a wood).

When I am looking for wood, I look for a piece that is unique, within itself.

(the technologies for the finished-look choices have improved dramatically and are catching up fast)


-Select or Second – may contain slight imperfections, such as color variations

Solid vs. Engineered Wood