Steampunk Artist Kyle Miller

Steampunk Artist Kyle Miller

Thin Gypsy Thief, Steampunk Artist

Somewhere on an island off the west coast of British Columbia lives a steampunk artist with a penchant for musical instruments, and fabulous gadgetry. We catch up with the Thin Gypsy Thief, also known as Kyle Miller, to ask him a few inquiries. Click on via the leap for our conversation, along with some pictures of his remarkable artwork.

Susanne: Hi Kyle! Thanks for taking time from your work to answer some queries about your artwork.

Kyle: Thanks for obtaining me!

Susanne: I first came across your work when I fell in enjoy with your Sleepy Hollow Steampunk Glasses. They have been merely stunning! Exploring your website additional I realized you had your hand in all types of steampunk magic. Could you inform us a bit about some of your other tasks?

Kyle: Nicely I sort of usually finish up with a couple issues on the go at after. If anything is clamped up or glue/finish is drying, I’ve always received one thing else to perform on that way. I’ve manufactured a great deal of various things in the final year, rather significantly all of it in a “steampunk” fashion. I made a lap steel electrical guitar and a matching Fender amplifier early in the 12 months. I also created my initial pair of back mounted wings (some thing I constantly desired to consider), a couple of Fallout 3 inspired props, and most lately a sniper rifle inspired by Doc Emmett Brown’s rifle in Back to the Long term three.

Susanne: As an avid gamer I was delighted to learn your Fallout weaponry. Your Steampunk Fallout AER9 Rifle is especially sweet! Any ideas for other game related items in the offing?

Kyle: I love Fallout! Certainly a series of video games that had an effect on me as a gamer. Great stuff. Anyways, yes truly I’ve got a number of other gaming inspired props that I will be functioning on quickly. I could tackle the Railgun from Fallout three, but I would also like to create some complete mockups of the Area Marine Boltgun from the tabletop game Warhammer 40k series. The Fallout AEP7’s that I created, the pistols, I am truly going to be offering them as DIY kits with most of the significant assembly carried out (and it will even come with paints!).

Fallout as a series has truly been really inspiring for me, it was just a ideal clash of all these factors that I loved and it was regularly executed effectively in the game. I got the concept for the initial create that I did from Fallout three (the AER9 Laser Rifle) from a few other builders on the web as they had created just fantastic copies. I did not really set out to make an actual replica of the gun, so a lot as just consider and build some thing like it. I also necessary a venture to do totally out of MDF and it match the bill perfectly.

Susanne: Not only are you a cook, a furnishings builder and a steampunk artist, but you are also a luthier. Some of our readers may well not be acquainted with the term. Could you describe to us what a luthier is? Also, how on earth do you uncover the time to discover your tremendous flow of creativity?

Kyle: A luthier is a builder (and repairer!) of stringed instruments. The phrase applies to all stringed instruments, but in my situation I have only worked with guitars so far. As far as finding time goes, thats really been a dilemma a lot of the time. Its been very challenging to get things accomplished quickly even though still holding down a total time occupation so that was aggravating for quite a although. However, I’ve lately quit my task (no more cooking, hurray!) and am going back to college to finish my BA, so I am going to be logging a Lot a lot more store time and then you are going to really get to see some productivity!

My productivity and inspiration sort of begets itself. The much more I do the a lot more I do, I guess. Slow start off to the month so far but I sprained my wrist a couple of weeks in the past so its mainly just been creating as opposed to constructing. Need to be back in action in a number of days though.

Susanne: Thank you so much for your time these days Kyle, it was a pleasure speaking to you!

For a lot more info about Kyle Miller, and far more photographs of his incredible function, verify out his web site. You can also catch him on Facebook, Twitter, or Etsy. You can find all the back links listed under. Commit time exploring his site, it really is properly well worth the pay a visit to!