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My Shed Plans Elite changed the way I looked at woodworking projects forever. All of the project plans show you exactly how to build anything from your dream shed, to a dog kennel, to even a picnic table! Easily! In no time at all I was fully up and running… building my dream workshop and a couple of woodwork projects for my loved ones within days of getting my copy of My Shed Plans Elite.

So next, should you buy shed plans from a website? Maybe. The problem with downloading shed plans is that it’s too hit-or-miss. The plan you buy, often for $12-15 may be what you’re looking for, or it might not. There’s no way to get your money back if you’re not satisfied, so this approach seems a little too risky for my taste.

Included in the package is a full “how to” woodworking course which on its own is probably worth the price of the whole package.

o Prepare a cost estimate using your bill of materials prior to starting on your shed project.

Before you can determine which shed plans are best suited for your project you must first evaluate the purpose of your shed. Is it primarily used as storage for tools? Will you require access for large equipment such as a lawnmower or a golf cart? Will the shed be used as a workshop, garden-shed, or pool-house? Once you determine the primary use of your shed you can move on to the shed plan selection process.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you can actually make the shed. Many authorities require you to consult them and ask for their approval before you can be allowed to construct anything at all, so approach your building authorities and see what the rules for your particular area are. Also make sure that you do not make your shed too close to your neighbors, all the racket you will be making while constructing your shed might give them second thoughts about you!

It would be impossible to build your shed without having tools. You really do not need any fancy tools to make a shed. Basic ones will do. You must gather your tools before starting the project. You wouldn’t want to start a project only to realize midway that you can finish it because you lack a tool. Some of the basic tools that you will need in building a shed are an A 3′ level, a square, a good hammer and a skill saw.

Lastly do keep your neighbors in perspective before you make your wooden shed. You do not want your project to disturb their peace and quiet. Also remember that many localities require you to submit an application form before you may be allowed to construct a wooden shed or any exterior construction for that matter.

The alternative to installing an off the shelf shed is to build one from the ground up all by yourself. Now I can realize how troubling the thought must be to you! All the cutting and hammering, and where exactly are you supposed to get the stuff if not from a Home improvement store? Well first of all, relax! It is not nearly as dreadful as all that. Here are the steps that you need to take to make your storage shed making experience a breeze:

1. Search on Net — This is the widest source to get beautiful and creative shed plans for your shed needs. And the best thing is you can find many shed plans for free on different sites. There are many different websites that offer free shed plans with color pictures to build garden shed. These plans come with full diagrammatic illustrations. These plans show you how to build creative sheds for your garden and storage purposes. You can take print-outs of these plans and can understand these plans very easily.