Technology Project Planning – project plans

Ultimately, I found the reconciliation I needed with just one insight. It occurred to me that, with all of the speakers and literature out there telling us to engage in more best practices for our technology projects and more often, we have become conditioned to believe that more is not enough-in fact, because of the nature of the beast, more can never be enough. We have been doing more and more, and the incremental improvements we have witnessed, together with the new articles we read, encourage us to keep doing more and more. Of course, our intention is good, but when can we stop doing more? When should we stop doing more?

Lack of Resources

• Do you have control


You have decided to use a staged or iterative approach for your next project. You will buy some Off-The-Shelf software and customize it a fair amount. Phase 1 might involve extending a discrete element of existing functionality and then wiring up to a live database for some testing.

Why do you need a project planning software?

– DT2 – Authorization from HMO/PPO – Depends on task IT1 and/or DT1

And while you are doing all of this, remember to ‘Enjoy the Journey’.

Once your plan is signed off and baselined, you are ready to move on to the next stage of the project – the Execution Phase.