Teds Woodworking Review – custom woodworking

I know my eldest son did just that. He has just completed his first project which is an excellent shed, and he is now building work benches. I am secretly pleased as he can now take all his power tools out of my garage and let me have my space back in my own workshop.

When you’re getting started with woodworking, one of the most important basic woodworking tips is to use accurate custom woodworking plans. Good custom woodworking plans are a solid investment that will save you thousands of dollars in wasted materials and countless hours of your precious time. Unless you’re vastly experienced in woodworking and have your own personally designed plans, you’re going to need to search online for good ones. The best woodworking plans will tell you what materials and tools you need, as well as how to go about constructing your project (complete with diagrams) step by step.

Over the past few years the global financial crisis has meant many of us have had to stretch our budgets to make ends meet. Unfortunately as we are struggling to put food on the table and pay our utility bills, discretionary spending is even more difficult. So we are really looking for value for money in all non-essential spending in order to make those $’s go further.

As woodworking is also a hobby it has been a saving grace for many families as it has not only enabled many householders to build furniture and household items they wouldn’t otherwise have had, it has also provided a creative outlet for many folk. Woodworking has enabled people to work with their hands and in many cases has provided them with an opportunity to learn new skills and produce something beautiful and lasting.

You can also consult with your Local DIY Woodworking Shop who may also point you in the right direction but this really depends on your locality and how knowledgeable the shop keeper may be. And unless you really trust him as an authority in this, I would suggest you be cautious about this option.

The basic tools you should already have or should be intending to buy are hammers, a good rubber mallet, a screw driving set, a power drill, a number of hand saws, a mitre saw, chisels, spoke shave, planes, a square, a spirit level, a socket set and clamps. Then if you can afford you should be looking to get more electronic and power tools such as a power saw, an electric plane, and electric router. A good quality cordless drill may well become your best friend because it too can be used for a multitude of purposes.

I would suggest to stop wasting time searching on the never endless net of information and get started on some of those projects you have also dreamt about.

Teds Woodworking was created by a man named Ted McGrath. Ted has almost forty years of experience in woodworking and is a professional carpenter and also a member of the “Architectural Woodwork Institute”.

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Lastly, and this is my favorite: you could get an online, follow-my-step, new comer woodworking guides plans from an accomplished woodworker who understands the challenges of a beginner woodworker and will likewise provide you with the basic steps to help you shorten your learning curve and commence your exciting woodworking activities. Getting the right guidance and plans (early!) can make the difference between succeeding or getting frustrated in your woodworking dreams.