Ten Popular Seashell Crafts Ideas – wood craft ideas

Race cars – Down hill racing cars made from wood and painted by individual family members then raced down a smooth track are great ways to have fun. The individual cars can be all the same, a simple block of wood propped up by four, free spinning wheels. Each individual family member can then paint their vehicle in the manner that best suits that individual. The track can easily be completed by taking one wide wooden board and attaching small sides to the board so the vehicles do not fall off. The vehicles can be raced over and over again, with a little trophy going to the winner of each race.

Base coat spoon and pegs.

3. It’s best to buy Patterns which include a Parts and Materials list.

3. Seashell Covered Box

Need somewhere to store your jewelry or other treasures? A seashell adorned box lined with nautical inspired fabric is a great seashell crafts idea to give to a friend or family member. Simply select any size wooden box at your local craft superstore, select your pre-glossed seashells and hot glue the shells to the outer sides and lid of your box. On the inside, cut out nautical styled fabric to size, and carefully glue the fabric to the inside of the box. Makes for a great teacher’s gift or gift card holder!

Drawing and sketching is also a good option. Most kids love doodling. Getting them sketch books and soft tipped pencils could help them turn those doodles into masterpieces. By learning to draw simple things it can boost their confidence and imagination.

Arts and craft ideas can turn into presents as well. Any nut lovers would love to receive the above wreath as a gift for the holiday season.

Apply glaze.

Simple kids crafts made from wood products are extremely useful. A favorite among woodworkers is the key holder. Have you ever been running late and you can’t find your keys. Many children can recall that type of situation. They will find great pride in creating a custom key holder for mom and dad. Birch shaker pegs or wood spindles can be used as an alternate key hook when making the design completely wood.

8. Seashell Filled Vase