The First Steps in Starting A Custom Wood Project – small wood projects

On the walls are paintings done by my mother, Jackie, and some other special people. And, oh, all those portraits of our babies! And pictures of them as they have grown placed down the hall as well as other special places. We also have, like many of you I’m sure, our children’s “projects” framed and hung up for all to enjoy.

Now you can see a problem? You may not want to purchase a table saw to cut up the sheets at this point in time and besides, you might be scared to use one. Most of the large stores do custom cutting or sawing for a small charge. Now its time to go back to your drawings. Take a sheet of paper and make a scale drawing of a 4×8 sheet and mark in the lines of the exact measurements of the shelves to be cut. Remember, the width of the saw blade is about one eighth of an inch and should be considered when cuts are made. Mark the cutting lines so there will be the least waste of material. This project may require more than one sheet and if only a little more is required, they do stock some smaller sizes of the same material such as 4×4 and 4×2. If you are using a woodgrain pattern, make sure that the grain goes lengthwise on the pieces to be cut.

Don’t hesitate to make several trips to the store and don’t purchase any materials, special tools or begin the project until you have every last detail of the plans figured out. This would include locating the wood for the shelves and sides, the fasteners or screws to put it together and the paint or stains to cover the wood.

Here are 4 basic tips on how to make your custom project fun and successful.

First, search around for a variety of plans. You can go on the internet and find a number of plans available. Find the ones that interest you the most. Let’s say you want to go with simple for now as one of your small woodworking projects. Then you could try the Four Board Bench. That is what it is – four boards.

Hope these help anyone else out there who aspires to make life a little easier in the world of woodworking.

Use Plans With A Variety Of Ideas

Kids of all ages enjoying building things and constructing woodworking projects with a parent, grandparent, or adult mentor. Of course, it is vital to have proper supervision if kids will be using any kind of power tools whatsoever. But with the proper training and guidance, older kids and teenagers can go on to build simple woodworking projects of their own without a lot of help.

The first project is a bird house, you may be thinking anybody can build a birdhouse, but can you build a very unique bird house one that stands out from the rest. Their are simple designs and their are fancy designs, my personal favorite is the log cabin bird house it is very simple yet a very different looking birdhouse. You can build from a variety of birdhouses the choice is yours. A good idea for for the bird lover is to build a few different styles this looks quite unique and really stands out.

The small woodworking projects I am going to focus on are very simple, affordable and are for anyone in the family. Bird lovers will absolutely love these two projects since they will attract many different varieties of birds into your yard.