The Future of Skateboarding – Skateboard Ramp Plans

If you are ready to begin improving your skate boarding abilities, then you’re ready to build your own skateboard ramp. True, you can just go to the local skate park, but let’s say there isn’t one near by? Besides, how awesome will a skate board ramp look in your backyard? You will probably require a small amount of skill with tools, as well as a few pals to finish this project in a weekend.

When you have sketched the curve you want on the plywood and you are happy with it, you can cut out the shape with a jigsaw. Make sure to get an adult to help you….

Hopefully you have finished up with a strong sturdy design. Test the strength of the ramp with your own body weight before you use it. It would be a shame to break your neck after going to all that trouble….

Trucks are the part that connects the wheels to the deck. The width of the trucks should match the width of the deck you choose. Your trucks should be at least within 1/4″ of the size of your deck. When choosing the height of your trucks you need to once again consider what type of skateboarding you will be doing. Lower trucks are for more stationary skateboarding while higher trucks are for moving fast. A part within the truck is called a bushing. The stiffer the bushing is the harder it will be to turn, but more stable. If you’re a skateboarder who likes to make fast turns then you will need a softer bushing.

Where have we been, where are we now and where is skateboarding going ?

All of this just means you will fall harder so you should be wearing pads. Elbow, knee, shin, and wrist pats would help prevent injuries. Even if you want to skate with a smaller board to do tricks and for pool or ramp riding you’ll need more practice than the average guy. I’d even suggest wearing padded shorts, they will save those bones from bruises. If you think pads make you look lame, think what you may look or feel like with the skins, and broken bones you may get by not wearing them, a clear choice! And this along with not forgetting to wear that all important brain protection, the helmet!

Additional Tips

Don’t mess with skateboard helmet safety. Get yourself a good quality skateboard helmet. Make sure it fits well, feels good, and looks good. Then, WEAR IT!

Check out as many jump ramps as you can, it’s the best way to find out what kind of ramp you want for yourself. When you find ones you like make a note of what you like about them so you can copy it for your ramp. You are interested in the height and transition; why not take a photo on your mobile to refer to when you’re designing your own.