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You will likely be starting your woodworking business on a limited budget so getting the most value for you dollar will be important. Selecting the best tools to start your business will require a little research. You want to be sure you choose the ones that will be most useful. The tools you select should help you build your various woodworking projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

2. Understand the manuals

The chilling experiences and hard-knock wisdom from both forums inspired this article, and I hope that by reading this and following the links I provide that you become a safer, more tool-respecting woodworker.

“Measure twice and cut once” is the old wisdom in woodworking, but sometimes, no matter the care exerted in measuring, a piece comes out just a fraction too big. A plane is a great tool for taking a few fractions of an inch off a piece of wood to enable it have that perfect fit.

When it comes to choosing a good hand drill, there are two basic choices to start with – cordless or plug-in. The kind with a plug-in cord is beneficial because you never have to wait for the battery to recharge or deal with weak drilling capabilities when the battery is low.

This is a very handy piece of machinery. Since it’s small and portable it can be used in any job and can be carried around the workshop.

Bill Wilson took the thread 180 degrees with his clever, creative and funny response to my question about the most dangerous power tools.

That’s what I asked the woodworkers at the woodworking forums and

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