Three Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture – solid wood furniture

Why does it matter? I mean, there are some wood veneers out there that look awesome. In fact, some people even prefer wood veneer.

Both cherry and walnut are used to make luxury furniture, but are too expensive for most.

Think about the price of the furniture – Does it represent good value for your money? Is the wood a durable material? Is it well made from solid wood throughout?

Another benefit you will get from purchasing furniture made of solid wood is that it is incredibly durable and can last many generations with proper care. Its value increases with age, and it only gets better from wear and tear over time. Small scratches and dings become part of the furniture’s character, and lend to the antique feel of older pieces of furniture. Craftsmen sometimes artificially distress the wood of new furniture to make it look more aged then it is; this is also a great method to mask the busy hands of small children and their toys on furniture.

Step 2 in the refinishing process is to re-oil the surface. The most popular product to use in this step is commonly known as Danish Oil. It has an acid base which hardens with exposure to oxygen and creates a film which soaks into the fibre of the wood and creates a protective finish.

Now that you know a bit more about how wood is joined together, you will be able to spot the basic different types in the furniture you see in stores.

Solid wood furniture can be bought in many different places – it is a popular type of furniture. The type of joints used by furniture makers varies and there are a few you should know about. The more you know about how furniture is made, the better equipped you are to choose the best pieces for your home.

Solid wood is more expensive than particle board covered in a wood veneer but there’s a reason for that – the quality is much higher. Solid wood is structurally stronger and will not bow like a veneer piece of furniture can – this is particularly important if you are looking for a bookcase.

Another type of wood that’s popular is mahogany. Mahogany comes from Central and South America and Africa. It’s a medium-hard wood that’s very strong, and is tan to reddish brown in color. Mahogany is excellent for carving and engraving.

You can find detail veneer work in bedroom sets created by manufacturers like Aico Furniture and Pulaski Furniture.