Tips For Building a Simple Woodworking Bench and More Ideas For Future Projects – woodworking benches

The lower shelf is ideal for storing tools, jigs or other wood working supplies. It is made of a sheet of 3/4″ plywood and is screwed to the frame with 1-1/2″ deck screws.

The 1/4″ MDF is intended to take the brunt of the abuse this workbench will be put through. This is why it is secured with 9 – 3/4″ deck screws and nothing more. When it becomes damaged beyond use simply replace it with a new sheet.

All three of these components – the woodworking vises, any storage and the base – are the important elements in any good woodworking bench that you’ll treasure and use for many years.

Also, when you choose simple and basic plans for your project it will leave room for your creativity to shine through in your project. With basic plans you can add your own creative ideas to make your bench fit your needs and style.

4 – 2″ x 4″ x 32-1/2″ Upper and Lower Short rails

Another important element, that you’ll be very grateful for, is storage to hold all your tools, equipment, and hardware. In addition, it’s also good to have extra storage to place scrap pieces of wood or partially-finished projects so that you can come back to finish them later. Benches come with all sorts of storage possibilities and of course, the more storage, the better. As a minimum, make sure that you have at least one underneath shelf available.

Other than the plank wood you’ll also need 1×4 side boards. You will need two side boards for the length of the work surface, and you’ll need another two for the width of the surface.

Proceed with the rest of the assembly by joining the two sides of the workbench together with the shorter rails. Glue and secure the upper and lower middle stretchers with deck screws. With will give the workbench more rigidity and add support to the lower shelf.

When building a woodworking bench the first thing you need to do is determine how big you want your bench to be. For most DIY projects, a bench 8 ft in length and 3 inches in width should be sufficient.

Building this work bench over the weekend is a snap and it will serve you well for a lifetime. The materials will run you about $150 but everything is readily available.