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The woodworkers we talked to stressed that a person can save themselves some time and frustration by learning about the different aspects of woodworking before starting a first project. Many suggested finding some good books or magazines, either at the library for free or at the bookstore. Start with the basics and learn about different forms of woodworking, types of trees and woods and how they are used, various tools, etc. – just the kind of information presented here in this article.

There is yet another choice you will need to make when choosing to carve and that is what type of wood you will use. They are general know to carvers as hardwood or softwood. Certain examples of hardwood are: oak, rosewood, sandalwood, walnut. Some examples of softwood would be: pine, cedar, and fir. Softwood tends to be much easier to work with. Softwood does not cut or split as easy or splinter.

Tool Tips

Whatever the style, some details were common to most fireplaces, including certain colours and design elements. Red, blue, and gold were the most commonly used colours (when colour was used at all). Common design elements include the decorative ribbing known as tracery, heraldic emblems such as coats of arms or mythical beasts (including dragons), and ecclesiastical motifs such as pointed arches or ogee arches. One of the most common design elements is called “cusping”–the addition of a decorative projection or relief carving of heads (of people or animals), gargoyles, or perhaps animals or plants. These would usually be placed either in the centre of the mantel, or on either side of the fireplace, at the top of the jambs. Another common element is a linear design known as the “linen-fold” motif, which was often carved onto the mantel or the sides of the jambs.

Sometimes woodcarving can become more than just a hobby. There are people that take their work to festivals and fairs and sell their work to the public. There are also people that advertise that they can carve you a picture of your choice in wood for a certain price. While still other open their own schools or workshops to help teach others the beauty of the art. However while you are doing your carving for fun or money it is very important to pass on your enthusiasm to help keep the art alive.

In fact taking classes was recommended by several of our experts. Whether it’s a beginning class through the local college or something taught by an experienced woodworker, it will typically give you a good overview of different tools and woodworking safety. Some building centers and lumberyards also offer classes on basics or teach you how to make a specific project.

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* Start from one corner, peel off the paper backing and simultaneously place the plank on the floor

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