Unique Bunk Bed Plans – Bunk Bed Plans

Another important thing to look at is how much headroom the lower bunk has. You would be high enough that if the child sleeping on the were to suddenly wake up and sit up in bed, they would not hit their head. That would make for an unpleasant surprise in the middle of the night.

Deciding what style and color you finish your beds in is entirely your choice; you may have a color scheme in the room and want the beds to match. If the wood is top quality and the grain looks nice you might decide to leave the beds natural. If this is the case then you will need to varnish them to protect them from knocks and bangs. If painting the bunk beds, you will need to use child friendly paint and you will need to touch this up every once in a while if it gets chipped or flakes off. Every once in a while you may need to check the screws on your bunk beds as the constant movement might make them come loose.

In either of these woodworking ideas, storage is usually built in below the bed frame. The storage area is larger, of course, with loft beds, and can include room for a standalone closet, a desk, or other fairly large items. In the situation of bunk beds, storage is limited to a drawer or two, or the space could be left open for smaller items.

The standard detailed diagrams of the bed frame members were included as well. Albeit the diagrams were black and white only, the measurements and joints details were clear and accurate.

When you are looking at finding your plans you will need to ensure that you get them from a reliable company. You need to make sure that the beds will be safe for your children to sleep on, and will last for some years. When you first look at bunk beds people tend to think they are very easy to make, but to ensure they are built to a top standard takes skill and knowledge. Children have a tendency to destroy things, they will climb, jump, swing and play on the beds. So they will need to be built with this in mind and when choosing your plans you will need to consider all of these things.

If you have limited space in your bed room, the best option to arrange sleeping beds is with a bunk bed design. Bunk bed arrangement is very simple because all you have to do is stack one bed on top of another. In essence, 2 beds are taking the footprint or the base of one.

Constructing a bunk bed for the kids is an important task that needs to be carefully thought out so that excellent plans and durable materials are used. There are a lot of free bunk bed plans available on the internet nowadays.

Here are some reminders before you start building your bunk bed.

Downloading the plan was very fast. It is a pdf file format which is 2.5 megabytes. My first impression were kind of disappointment. The pictures were all in black and white. That is not an issue as long as the instructions are clear and concise.