Use Great Bookcase Plans to Prevent the Leaning Tower of Books – Bookcase Plans

(3) A Generic Router – A router is an powered blade that can make cutting dadoes out for a shelf unit quite simple. Routers are amazing as they let you cut complex and intricate pieces of material. You will look like a professional after no time at all, and once again your own bookcase or bookshelf will thank you for it.

#2 Router – I’m sure there are plenty of wood projects being built without the help of a router, but my question is, why go to the trouble? Sometimes you can pick up a decent router for under $100, and considering the extra work you’ll save yourself in the long run, that’s a good investment. A router will make easy work of cutting the dadoes for your bookcase shelves, and with a few accessories, let you try out a whole load of professional-style woodworking techniques.

(4) Simply reading reviews about potential plans, including those for building a bookcase, can give you to better understand of whether the plans are right for you. In addition the review should provide you information concerning what problems could come up while doing a project. By knowing about difficult project parts in advance you might be able to stay away from all of them or get advise from more experienced woodworkers on how to complete this part.

You can buy simple bookcase plans online or at craft and hobby stores. In fact, some of the best ones involve the use of only three tools. Here’s what you’ll need:

(2) A Circular Power Saw – A circular saw is great as it is capable of cutting just about any kind of shape or design into wood. This means that the bookshelf or bookcase that you will build will look unique and special. It’s best to hire a circular saw and make sure that you fully understand how to work it before you attempt to start cutting into any kind of material.

If you don’t have machinery like sliding table saws and 3 phase routers you can still do a great job with standard electric woodworking tools like:

I finally realised that the whole thing having about ten feet long, there was no way the shelves were going to stay straight. The worse of all is that I have a lot of bookcase plans in my woodworking plans kit and I did not even looked at them. How silly of me. My wife made fun of me, her so called carpenter husband.

3. A router – Routers are cheap and make cutting out the dadoes for the shelves very easy. In fact, a router will allow you to perform some very complicated woodworking tasks like a pro with little to no practice.