Want to Make Your Own Shed? Try Some Good Wooden Shed Plans – Shed Plans

3. Get Some Good Storage Shed Plans

I highly recommend getting My Shed Plans Elite> NOW… even if you’ve already decided what kind of shed you want and even if you’ve gone out and bought materials} for your shed. I thought I KNEW what kind of shed I wanted to build, but when I browsed the first few pages of My Shed Plans Elite, I saw shed designs and layouts that had never crossed my mind. Hundreds of them! With shelves, dorm lofts, cabinets, porches, and even spacious log cabins! Tons of ideas all at your fingertips!

Now, the big question is that whereto find the garden and storage shed plans?

Let’s look at some of the things that can go wrong with poor quality shed plans. First of all, you need to know that many of the ‘free shed plans’ available on the internet are drawn up by enthusiastic amateurs, not professionals. Even though they may mean well, they may not fully understand how to convey the information you need to complete your shed successfully. Many people have found themselves half-way into the construction of a shed based on free plans, only to run into insurmountable difficulties caused by poorly constructed, inaccurate plans with missing data.

Accessories and Finishing Touches:

Overall Size:

3. The Importance of Shed Design

If you plan to store a garden tractor or golf cart in your shed you will need a large, 60 inch wide or greater, double door for easy access. If the purpose of the shed is for small storage only; then consider a single door for simplicity and cost. As a minimum width, purchase and install a 36 inch wide door.

This downloadable e-book is a collection of over 12,000 shed building plans and blueprints, along with many other woodworking projects, such as pole buildings, barns, small cabins, garages and smaller home projects. It was created by a long time woodworker, Ryan Henderson, who wanted to put together this resource for anyone looking for a wood shed blueprint or any other type of outdoor shed or shelter.

2. Book Stores — Next source is the book stores, but this source is not free as you know. There are many different shed building guides available at the book stores that have demonstrative shed plans with color pictures and illustrations. These books include plans of different sizes and different purposes. There is a vast range of books that describe how to build your garden or storage shed on your own and you get full information on the materials required, space needed etc-etc.