Waste Bins, Not Just for Trash Anymore – Kitchen Trash Plans

The first step to remodeling your kitchen is to remove the existing cabinetry, countertops and maybe even some walls then haul off all the debris. This is commonly the least tidy part of the procedure but the mess can be decreased with a few elementary tricks.

The biggest issue people seem to come across in their kitchen is space. They run out of counter space when cooking or get frustrated when there is no place to put new dishes. This needs to be the first plan set in motion when working on a small kitchen design plan. You will want to make sure you have enough counter space in your design. You can never have enough counter space since they are used for so many things from storing food and appliances to food preparations. If you plan to eat on your counter or if you have a bar, then you will need more space than what you have. You can maximize counter space by installing an island. It gives you storage and extra counter space. A good kitchen cabinet design is helpful in maximizing storage space. Mixers, bowls and items used less frequently can be stored in cabinets.

Another affordable way to great looking layouts is to place all the cleaning equipment and storage in one place. This includes the sink, dishwasher, garage disposal, trash compactor or bin, broom or utility closet all in one corner or side by side on one wall. This clean-up station adds a nice touch to the overall design plus is truly functional.

First of all, waste bins are used as the obvious, garbage. Trash is taken to the bin, unsorted, and then at the end of the week, the contents are taken to a bigger can, which is then picked up by the garbage person. Just to be informative, kitchen organization, any organization, is more than just clearing the clutter on the inside of the house.

Kitchen Layout Element# 3 – Group your “Clean up” Appliances & Tools Together.

We took accurate measurements and made a rough drawing of the dimensions and included the entryways and the one window. We then went to one of the big box stores to see what kind of assistance they could offer. They were great! They had a kitchen department complete with a computerized program specifically for kitchen layout. Even better, they offered a mylar sheet that had peel and stick upper and lower cabinets of all sizes, cut outs for dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and pantries. Though this seemed to be a rather elementary format, we embraced it. We took it down to the guest house and starting playing with different configurations to see how these various options would fit within our dimensions and to visualize how they would look within this space.

With the ever increasing population could you imagine how quickly and dirty the world would be if most people disposed of their rubbish on the floor instead of rubbish bins? Thankfully these days, society has more sense than that and as a whole we are much better at recycling, cleaning and placing our trash in the right places!

Wooden bins are the cheapest type and offer a classic vintage look which may be what you’re looking for. However they could be susceptible to termites and are generally not as strong a the metal containers. Wood is best kept inside as any trash grime will stain the wood and it won’t be long until they’ll need to be placed in a rubbish bin!

Under the counter lights controlled by a dimmer are an attractive and functional feature for a kitchen. It not only lights up your work area, it allows for mood lighting when you aren’t actively working in the kitchen or as night lighting when passing through or for those midnight snacks.

By adding various bakers’ racks, cutlery trays, pot racks, shelf organizers and other kitchen cabinet accessories, you can maximize your limited shelf or cabinet space without breaking your bank account. There are many different styles or colors of organizer available from off the Web or from your local home improvement store.