Wedding Arbors Are the Wedding Gift That Keeps on Giving – Arbor Plans

The Garden arbor plan is a big project. But it can be built and assembled in small sections. One can build each section in the shop and then carry it out to the yard to be assembled. This can also be done in the garden.

Utilizing plans to create beautifully structured arbors has become a popular woodworking idea. And almost as vast as the amount of flowers in a field are the amount of arbor plans available to help you create the perfect addition to your garden or yard. From small to huge, if you can dream it, you can probably find plans for it.

Arbors and pergolas can be either functional or purely ornamental. If using an arbor for a functional purpose, consider adding a bench or swing to create a cozy nook for sitting and enjoying your garden. Large pergolas can be used as an overhead cover for a deck or patio. While the top of the pergola will probably not keep out rainwater, it can be designed to cast much needed shade on your outdoor seating area. Arbors and pergolas with lattice sides and tops can also provide a supporting structure for vines and climbing plants. Consider planting a climber like clematis, honeysuckle, or trumpet vine at the base of your arbor or pergola to create a beautiful floral focal point in your landscape.

However you incorporate an arbor into your landscape, you will be adding a delightful feature to your property that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Arbors and pergolas are generally found in three different materials:

Arbors are often used as support for growing plants and vines. Although you don’t have to grow plants on your arbor, flowering vines that gently cascade over the structure add wonderful color and life to this bit of garden decor. Landscaping looks best when it contains plants, flowers, and grasses at a variety of heights, and the arbor can create a sense of height and visual interest to achieve a more balanced scene.

Garden arbor plan include gazebos and trellises as “functional decor”. These garden structures can be used to frame entrances, turn pathways into tunnels, or be an end point or focal point to an avenue, as well as simply look pretty.

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Wood, metal, and vinyl are the most common materials for garden arbors. Each material has its own personality.