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At first I this machine was going to be the answer I was looking for. It was the right size and was able to perform some functions I was looking for. I did a thorough search and found them on Amazon with an extensive review section. When I read the reviews it did not take me long to figure out that the machine was not for me. It had extensive complaints about the quality of the machine and there were a lot more people unhappy about it (putting it mildly) then there were that liked it. I do not want a headache, I don’t think any business owner does, but the reviews helped me save some time and aspirin and I eliminated the Carvewright as well.

CNC machining centers are fairly sophisticated machines commonly referred to as pod and rail or point-to-point machines. These machines are primarily used to drill horizontal and vertical holes onto pre-cut flat wood panels. Many point-to-point machines also use drill bits to do routing onto the face of the panels. Still, the primary function is typically to drill holes. The pre-sized wood panels are positioned on movable pods and are secured in place during the drilling process by vacuum through the pods or by mechanical clamping – especially for smaller parts. CNC machining centers typically have two or more working zones that accommodate multi-zone drilling /routing.

2. Features you do want when buying a jigsaw

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I bought the Epilogue and will be documenting some new projects and turning them into woodworking articles in the near future.


These machines are sturdy and reliable, providing large working space and a range of functions combined in one piece of machinery. Generally easy to clean and maintain, combination machines can save you time, money and space, while providing your workshop with a wide range of tools and benefits. Many providers also offer used woodworking machinery to save you even more money on a multi-function machine. Speak to your local store for advice on which machine will be right for your requirements.

There are many retired old woodworking enthusiasts out there who are no longer able to operate their machinery safely and so will regrettably sell to you secondhand. They may want to be assured that you are going to care for their machines as well as they have before they will sell to you. If that is the case you know you have a good well cared for woodworking machine that will be as good as new.

The panels being routed are fixed to the machining table with mechanical clamps or by vacuum suction. Routers usually have one or two working tables. They can have one or as many as four router heads operating at the same time. These machines are computer controlled working along two to five axes; three axis is the most common configuration. Most routers also do drilling although their primary function is routing.