Why Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Are Popular – Shaker Furniture Plans

o Measurements of rooms and photographs help a lot in visualizing the furniture in its final destination while shopping. Having wall paint samples and carpet may be helpful if you are looking at changing only the furniture.

The communities that had specialized in this form of furniture unfortunately vanished with modern times and with the advent of furniture made from materials other than wood. However, all is not lost for the lovers of this form, since although the specialization is over, the art of fine craftsmanship and simple, straightforward designs have been aptly grasped by today’s furniture builders who deal in all types of furniture.

The free projects cover a wide range of wood projects. For example the Accessories plan category has free wood project plans for wood nesting trays, a Shaker-Style Coat and Mitten Rack, and a Arts & Crafts Table Lamp. Other project categories include Free Furniture projects, Outdoor plans including free plans with instructions for building a porch swing, a garden bench and a planter. The Storage project plans category include stackable shelves, a Hard Maple Kitchen Shelf, and a CD Holder.

So what do you do? Leave it to chance and hope that your untrained eye is as good as that of anybody else, or hire a professional to help you? In fact, your own opinion about how to decorate and furnish your home is likely to please you just as much as that of a professional interior designer. Most people who worry about such things are trying to please friends and visitors rather than select what they personally like.

You may have chosen a Shaker theme with simple solid wood furniture. Shakers used what was available locally, such as pine, birch, cherry and poplar, and some even used maple or beech. You might prefer something more European, with stained dark oak, walnut, or cherry veneer or the exotic cinnamon-colored Asian teak or solid mahogany which has a beautiful deep red shade. Rosewood is another beautiful wood suitable for most forms of home furniture design.

The Shaker furniture traces back its history in the late 1700’s in which it was invented by Christians (the Shakers) who believed in values like simplicity and efficiency. Their values are reflected in their designs and the perfect craftsmanship they adhered to. Because of their values, came out those designs in furniture that were well-built, strong, functional, and yet striking to the eyes. Although there have been some changes in the designs of Shaker furniture, the trademark of simplicity and quality have fortunately not yet changed.

Since new regulations were made law in 1988 (The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) regulations 1988) it is very important when purchasing new bar furniture that the correct certification to show that the fabric used has been treated for fire retardancy and that any foam fillings are made of combustion modified foam. The supplier of the bar furniture will be able to supply these. Bar stools are available at bar height to either stand by the bar or to stand alongside tall tables (poseur tables) designed specifically for drinking at rather than for dining. Poseur tables can have single pedestals with one or two table tops at different heights which take up little space and look very attractive when set in a room with other regular height bar furniture. The single poseur tables are available either in turned wood or decorative cast iron. They can also be found with rectangular tops either on a double pedestal base or a conventional four legged base, this size being more suited to a larger bar, where space saving is not such an issue. The most popular traditional bar stools for these tables are either the backless ‘Tudor’ bar stools with decorative turned legs or the ‘Captains’ bar stools based on 19th century colonial furniture.

o Mostly Modern Styles use geometric lines and well-matched colors to add an air of neatness to the whole look and feel of the room. For additional impact make sure the room(s) have lots of natural light and plenty of space. Cove lighting and washing walls with light are other options to be explored.

Sit down with your family and make up the best plan for your needs. Keep these tips in mind, but do some research of your own, as well. Once the disaster happens, it will be too late.

o Each element in the room has to be treated almost like a sculpture with an almost ‘museum like’ look. You can experiment with highlighting art by placing sculptures on columns or pedestals. Uncluttered furniture arrangement which forms the framework for home d├ęcor is the underlying objective.