Why You Should Use Dog House Plans To Help You Build A Dog House – Dog House Plans

Building dog house plans or blueprints are essential to anyone building a custom home for their pet. Simply, when using the right plans, dog house construction can be uncomplicated. You will soon discover the most important tool you will need to construct a home for your best friend is the right set of building dog house plans.

You can raise a dog house off the floor with some bricks at the corners – but really good plans will have the raise built in, as part of the frame.

If you’ve got a big dog, like a doberman, you’ll want to build your dog’s kennel from a large dog house plan. Big dog houses come in a variety of forms, and can be a standard kennel or a duplex (for more than one dog). This article gives you a general outline to both types, and aims to guide you to the next step in building a DIY dog kennel.

Finally, you can purchase the best materials for a fraction of the price. By creating your own dog house plans, you will be avoiding a lot of those extra retail costs. Thus, you may even decide to upgrade to a higher quality wood or install 30-year shingles for added protection. Find the materials that work best for your climate and situation, while providing a beautiful aesthetic appeal everyone will enjoy. The sky is truly the limit! 

– Just how large a dog house do you need? Most large dog house plans are very easily adjusted to the size of your dog. Ensure to measure the height of your pet, as well as the space it takes up when sleeping.

If your plans have good insulation, and the house is a good size for your dog, that’s probably all you’re going to need to keep him at a comfortable temperature, unless you live somewhere really freezing, in which case you’ll need to give him access to some protected area of your house in any case (such as the garage or basement).

Wood allows you to glue or staple any kind of insulation material with ease. Metal can get very hot inside, making it my least preferred. Brick is pretty good, but you’ll want to spend some extra money on internal insulation. I would generally recommend brick dog houses to be built only in particularly hot climate areas.

So, how does it work? Insulation works on the same principle as your dog’s coat – trapped air. Heat and cold travel more slowly through air than through solids, so little pockets of air create insulation.

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Should you find free plans to build your house for your dog? This might sound like a good option at first, but I would probably discourage this. Why? The quality of the plans may not be as good. Also, you are investing in materials and you want something that will result in a home for your dog that will last and that you can be proud of.