Wine Cellars or Wine Racks? – wine rack plans

The miniature racks can accentuate counter tops and bar and kitchen nooks or even a special spot in the living room. These racks can actually be placed in almost any part of the house because of its modular design. It is quite popular to build a wooden wine rack, primarily because it fits into most areas of the house and blends with almost all types of furniture. In fact the oak wood and other dark woods make for ideal centerpieces for any furniture setup.

Many a time, you can’t be exactly sure what your finished wine rack will hold. In that case, it would be wise to choose a wine rack plan that builds in as much flexibility as possible, or at least some form of flexibility. incorporating drawers and cabinets of different dimensions.

Veneer gives you a unique opportunity to work with some of the most beautiful and exotic woods in the world without having to dip into your retirement account. Wood veneer has several distinct advantages over solid lumber that can’t be overlooked. For example, veneering allows you to match an exposed back panel to its case wood without having to buy an entire piece of expensive hardwood plywood. It is these advantages that have brought the art of veneering into most professional cabinet and furniture shops.

These wine rack plans are much more accessible these days through various sites found via the internet. However, not all of these are guaranteed to be inclusive of all the essential details mentioned above. You must then evaluate thoroughly the offerings of a particular guide. Look out for the one created by a professional builder.

For small quantities of wine bottles, a miniature table top rack that can easily hold from 3 to a dozen bottles may be appropriate as a startup rack and this can easily fit any nook and cranny of your house. When you step up or increase the number of wine bottles you wish to store, then you may now opt to go for the floor standing wine rack which can accommodate from 2 to 4 dozens of bottles.

Allowing for Future Expansion

The best wine rack plans should come with the mandatory step by step walk through. There should also be ample diagrams and illustrations to make your woodworking venture easier and more efficient. You’d be surprised how your hands are capable of crafting wine racks worthy of your best cabernets and pinot noirs.

Wine storage need not be difficult when you have orderly and appropriate wine racks to store your wines. There are a variety of wine rack plans available online that can produce inexpensive and easy to build racks. You have a wide array of choices of the designs and appearances of wood wine racks from the stand alone models to the miniature measured wine placement racks.

When you decide to build your own wine rack, you can either select ready-made wine rack plans, or choose to design your own plan.  Either way, the entire process can be both fun and bewildering. On one hand, you want to build an item that really suits your own needs. On the other hand, you can’t help being swamped by the immense design possibilities.

The counter top is a great idea. Ideally it will be either a solid wood that can serve as a counter, like butcher block, or maybe you’ll opt for marble? You’ll want a spot to set out wine so it can “breathe” and a place to lay out a cheese platter, too. Because the rack can be rickety without something solid to support all those slots, the counter acts as a balancing mechanism, giving those slots a solid surface to keep them steady.