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The Ash tree belongs to the Oleaceae (olive) Family with about 70 species in the world. Of these the White Ash and Black Ash are the ones that are used predominantly in the lumber industry. Ash wood trees grow throughout the world in places as wide apart as North America, Europe, North Africa and South West Asia. White Ash has a clear white to pale yellow sapwood, with the heartwood leaning more to the light to medium brown tones. Due to greater supply, Ash furniture tends to be more easily available and is cheaper too, in comparison to Oak. Ash wood has the same high quality standards as Oak, but, at a more affordable cost.

Keep floors basic with pale wood, vinyl, laminate or tile. Friends of the environment can use reclaimed wood for this type of flooring. Rugs should be a solid color or adorned with geometric patterns. If you want a more natural approach, hardy sisal and jute rugs are a popular trend.

Whether you prefer a simple fireplace or one which is intricately decorated, you’ll find that an elegant Gothic fireplace works very well for bringing together the decorative elements of a room. A fireplace that is in keeping with the décor will definitely add something very special to the ambience of your home.

* Kuthiramalika Palace Museum: Earlier the royal palace of the king of Travancore – Maharaja Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma – it has now been converted into a museum that exhibits unique wood carvings and murals of ancient Hindu epics.

The table next to a bed, a headboard and foot board and small shelves in the bedroom would make a unique wood project that could be accented with lace curtains and bedspread.

Ash wood has the best strength to weight ratio and is therefore used to make baseball bats. Since most players do not want a bat greater than 32 oz. this becomes significant. It is also used for tool handles and other sports equipment.

Contemporary design derives much of its boldness from pairing neutral colors, black and white with a restrained, artistic use of brighter colors. With a muted background of furniture, drapes, rugs and walls, carefully chosen colors will pop with dramatic results. For instance, consider leaving walls neutral except for one painted in your favorite vibrant hue. Because the Contemporary style stresses a minimalist approach, you can also use color to define areas and add pizzazz, such as painting a door or ceiling.

Thanks to the recycling efforts of many environmentally friendly people, the room a family spends the most time in, the living room, is seeing more wood furniture. Either the Internet or books from a bookstore or the library, a homeowner could find patterns to make wooden doors and old cabinets into things like end tables, decorative trays or picture frames so they don’t end up in a trash dump somewhere.

Wood flooring adds an altogether new dimension to a regular looking room or area. Though it was considered to be expensive options but with the foray of substitutes such as vinyl and PVC, it has become the hottest trend in the flooring arena.