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To construct wood inlay banding for the square pattern, we start by laminating three strips of wood organized that are of equal dimensions. In this case, we are collecting inlays of maple and walnut. Their complementary wood tones will highlight one another as the square pattern develops. To create the divisions of our wood inlay banding we first set the table near the band saw to 45 degrees. The runner of the tilting band saw miter sled is then mounted on the miter gauge track.

Having no experience and using machines which are not forgiving can cause extreme damage to your wood floor and can reduce its life by as much as 50% so it is important to employ a company whose employees are fully trained and qualified in wood floor restoration. This will ensure that the smallest amount of wood is removed during the sanding process and will therefore extend the life of your floor.

There are two types of relief carving. A low relief carving is identifiable by the visual effect that is created. Without shadows to imply deep carving, the product appears very shallow and is thus considered low relief. In high relief carvings, a spectacular depth effect is created by the addition of shadows throughout. Both types result in carvings with good dimension and detail. The end product is polished to create a very smooth surface. Then it may be painted, waxed or varnished.

As a whole, the country we call home is deep in heritage and tradition. Once unsettled and uncertain, this great Nation has endured hardships and calamities that have resulted in the destruction of other countries, however we remain strong and defiant. Rooted deep into yesteryears structures, materials used for construction of personal residences were milled by primitive means but quality constructed withstanding decades of extreme weather conditions. These structures scheduled for demolition, without thought to the heritage that is contained within the four walls, have been discovered to contain some of the most valuable resources for reuse in present times, with restoration of the past and the natural beauty that only time could create.

Imagine, throughout the course of 190 years, a one piece of wood from a vintage manufacturing plant or development could possibly have experienced countless distinct finishing treatment methods, layers of painting and all sorts of oils. Every different treatment method might have seeped in to the wood, and accordingly helped to cultivate its outstanding shade. Blended together with the large selection of grain patterns – colour/design versions actually are limitless.

Aged & distressed flooring

Stains can be used to achieve desired colors but are seldom used in true Intarsia wood art. Often a simple clear lacquer or polyurethane finish is all that is needed once the piece is sanded and glued together.

Due to increased popularity of hardwood floors, manufacturers continue to meet the demand for a more durable and effective means of floor covering that is eco-friendly, cost effective and above all else health conscious. Looking to create earth-friendly interiors of homes and businesses, manufacturers have begun a recycling process using antiquated wood from old, dilapidated structures, there-by reclaiming the past with the invention of a new hardwood flooring sensation that continues to be one of the most popular hardwood flooring materials available today.

• When the glue has set, be sure to use sandpaper to eliminate any burrs from every side of the blocks.

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