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This is not to say there aren’t excellent free plans available. If you have a lot of woodworking expertise, and are familiar with the basics of good construction, then you may well be able to find a free plan which perfectly fits your requirements. You have to be honest with yourself here. Anyone can build a shed, but if you don’t have enough experience, and you are working from a poor quality plan, your shed may end in disaster. Rather heed the warning, and avoid poor quality plans, than waste time and money on a project which is bound to fail. “Free” may not always the best option.

1. Determine the Size of the Shed

Maybe one of the hardest parts of building a shed is getting the list of materials right before you start. All the different sizes of timber, what nails or screws you’ll need and how many. There’s nothing more annoying then having to stop work and make another run to the store because you forgot something or you just didn’t buy enough. And it’s such a lot of fun when you find they closed early or they sold out of the screws you need. Well My Shed Plans Elite takes care of that, every plan has a comprehensive materials list, so you can get organised, and when you start building your shed you won’t have to stop for anything till it’s finished, apart from putting sticking plaster on your cut fingers if you’re like me.

b. Get your gear: All you need to do after you have got your plans is to follow them. The first thing that most plans begin with is a list of materials that you will require. A storage shed never asks for more materials that any medium sized hardware store cannot offer. The best part about doing this is that you can control all the costs and haggle down the prices as much as you can.

Looking to download shed plans? Getting cheap shed plans off the internet is almost always your best bet for DIY shed construction. In this article, I’ll explain why DIY shed plans are such a good choice, and I’ll also help you find a perfect set of shed designs.

Standard roofing shingles are the best choice for the roof of your shed. Shingles are easy to install, provide excellent weather protection, and are durable with up to a 20 year or more lifespan. Choose a shingle color and style that matches your home.

Ryan says he was just like the rest of us, getting it wrong, wasting money, not understanding stuff, so he set to and started finding out exactly how to build good sheds and learning all the tricks of the trade. Now he’s been building sheds for 18 years and his wooden shed plans are best selling award winners. I mean, over 8000 customers seem to think he’s doing something right.

For the do-it-yourself handyman the material of choice is wood. Select a shed plan with standard 2 x 4 construction. This will allow for insulation in colder climates, if required based on the use of your shed. You can purchase metal sheds and plastic sheds but they are very limited when the time comes for a modification or repair.

Second, I’ll briefly address the size of your shed. You may be limited by your surroundings or zoning restrictions, so your shed’s size might not be an issue. However, if you can decide how large to build your shed, always aim high. Think of other rooms in the house that are used for storage: are they full of empty space? Do you wish the room was larger? A shed can fill up very quickly, so as a general rule of thumb, always aim high when it comes to building a storage shed.