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In order to prepare the wood for the band saw a chain saw is used. The wood is first cut to length and then it is cut down the center. Depending on the size of the log there are times when the board has to be cut into rough boards as well but this is not typical.

Router Bits – For these I would recommend picking up an inexpensive beginner set which will get you started and then as you get more comfortable with it then you can buy better bits and different styles.

The saying “Measure twice, cut once” is a popular one among carpenters and woodworkers, mainly because a miss-cut could result in wasted time and materials. The Hitachi C8FSE sliding compound miter saw is crafted with a perfect cut in mind, every time. Weighing in at a very light and maneuverable 31lbs, it allows for extreme portability. Safety features include an electric brake to stop the blade rotation in an instant, preventing unwanted or misguided cuts. Airborne dust and fragments are collected in a collecting fitting, while a debris deflection guard whisks away waste material. Also featured in this miter saw for user convenience is having the brush externally mounted for quick and easy brush changes, thus extending the life of the saw. When you require half lap or dado joints, the use of the depth adjustment guide allows for swift adjustments.

A hazard that people often overlook is spontaneous combustion caused by rags soaked with turpentine or other flammable solvents. Always put them in a tightly closed container.

There’s my list of basic hand tools to get you started. Some, you will need from the very beginning. Some you can wait on. My advice is to figure out what you want to make with your woodworking and then start building. You’ll figure out quickly the tools you really need and the ones you can wait to get.

Router and Router Table – This is very important for detailing work as well as creating different style mouldings and trims

Handsaws: panel, or Japanese Ryoba and Dozuki. Western saws cut on the push stroke; Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke. My advice is to try out both and see which you like better. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I like the Japanese saws for most jobs, but I still like a western type saw for cutting dovetails. Lowes and Home Depot both carry Japanese saws. Another good place to look is Japanwoodworker.com

Black pipe takes some time and effort to install. It will be necessary to cut and thread the pipe. This will require either having determined before hand, and having the material cut and threaded at the store. Or, rent a pipe threader, manual or powered. Side note, growing up I have cut threads on black and galvanized pipe that was being run for the natural gas lines in a new home (teenage summer job). Cutting threads with a manual tool is not that hard to do; however, power threaders are nice.

These materials are not as aesthetically pleasing as solid woods so you will need to apply a veneer to them. Not only is veneer less expensive than solid woods, it allows you to offer your clients a wider variety of finishes that you would never be able to do. You can have beautiful sun burst patterns, you can book match or slip match your veneers or you can get into some extreme inlays pieces that you could never have done with solid wood.

With a properly planned out woodworking shop, you can continue building great pieces for you and your family for years to come. You may even be able to start a profitable business building wood furniture pieces if you have a viable shop to work out of. To prevent hours of unnecessary puzzling, setting up and moving your shop around, consider looking at woodworking shop plans designed by woodworkers like you that hope to spread their knowledge to others seeking the best shop setup. Having enough space and avoiding hazards are made possible with the right setup.