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Plastic (also referred to as Acrylic) display racks are growing in popularity. Initially plastic display racks lost popularity due to cheap models that cracked and broke easily. They were also considered to be a safety risk due to broken plastic cutting skin. Most are now made from Polyethylene Terepthalate Glycol (PETG) plastic. This new plastic is safe and shatterproof, leading to the rise in popularity. Plastic display racks come in desktop, wall-mounted and corner designs.

The makers of furniture have brought many innovative designs for these racks. Nowadays people do not have large spacious rooms to install big racks, so these racks have been given a slim yet interesting look and though these racks are slender they can hold a large number of magazines.

Fine Woodworking Magazine

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Obviously price is another important consideration, but thankfully there are now many attractive, well made cheap coffee tables to fit most budgets. And if you’re on a really tight budget then you can always go for man made woods with a veneer or stain that give a wood effect.

*Estimate your budget as to how much you are willing or able to invest in a wooden magazine rack. 

The racks are used to boost the sale of any book or magazine store.

According to a lot of people, Fine Woodworking Magazine is the Bible of woodworkers. If you are going to buy just one magazine, this is the one you should buy. A 12-year subscriber of the magazine said, “Of all the woodworking magazines available to read Fine Woodworking is the best, bar none. It will encourage those with no experience, and inspire those who are serious about woodworking.”

Another important feature not often thought about is quality and customer service. With a tool like a router that you will most likely keep for the rest of your woodworking life, having a company that stands behind its tools and is willing to help you answer questions about features and options is more then just important: it’s critical. Many users have complained about various customer service centers even from the major players, but several have stood out in recent reviews. Perhaps more important even then the service is the need for it – some units such as the Bosch 1617EVSPK have recurring complaints about the switch brakes, probably indicating a persistent problem but no brand is immune. Users seem to have the most complaints about Bosch and Porter-Cable but it may be that these models sell in greater quantities and not that there are inherent problems with specific models.