Wooden Playhouse Plans – Playhouse Plans

Are you interested in building your own playhouse? Are you curious about what it takes in order to build a playhouse? If you have ever seen the quality of an average playhouse, but you did not like the construction or the design theme, you may desire to build a more professional playhouse for your backyard. If you wish to build a professionally designed playhouse, you should certainly consider purchasing playhouse plans in order to enhance the overall quality of your project.

Playhouses don’t need to be expensive either, with plans for a playhouse, a few basic tools, some timber and fixings from the local hardware store you can make your own. And you will have as much fun building it as your children will playing in it.

You will want to make sure that your kids’ playhouse has a definite doorway and some windows (these can simply be holes that have been carved into the walls. No need for real glass!). This will help make sure that the house stays properly ventilated–especially in the summer months.

If you will check for a wooden playhouse on a store catalogue, you will be shocked at how much it costs. If you will be buying on the Internet, then you will also have to shoulder shipping costs. Surely, a wooden playhouse will delight your kids. But do you really have to spend a small fortune in order to give your kids the experience of having a playhouse?

The answer is no because you can build one yourself. There are many plans available that can help you finish such a project quickly and safely. Choosing so build the playhouse yourself is definitely the more economical choice. Not to mention that it will be a fun activity that you can have your children take part of.

Walls – Some plans get a little carried away with the construction of walls, following the same techniques used in building a real house. That means lots of intricate cripple studs, window headers, and door frames. Most of these features can be simplified. For example, it’s not really necessary to keep wall studs 16″ on center. A plywood wall needs only a few boards to hold it up, one at each side and one or two the middle. And a simple window can easily be cut from the center of the plywood, and framed out with wood trim.

Final Playhouse Touches

Six of the remaining eight plans were for playhouses measuring 12′ x 12′ with 8′ high walls. In my opinion, this is still too large to be considered a child’s playhouse. The last two plans were for raised structures, like a fort. The dimensions were more like what I thought to be normal – 7′ x 10′. But if a person is looking for a ground-level house that’s a normal size, you’d be outta luck.

Building the Playhouse Roof

Before you start building it is recommended that you consult your kids to find out what their ideas are regarding the playhouse. Sure pandemonium will reign but you can get them organized and let them tell you what they want. This really should be the basis of your construction because at the end of the day the play house if for them. Moreover their involvement will make them feel important.