Wooden Puzzle Boxes

Wooden Puzzle Boxes

Wood Puzzle Boxes Make Wonderful Gifts

The very first time I noticed a Wooden Puzzle Box, I was drawn to the gorgeous use of different sorts of wood inlaid to produce a image of an animal. I picked the box up, and recognized that there was some trick to opening it. That just produced the gorgeous small operate of art even much more exciting.

Most of these Wooden Puzzle Boxes, are relatively easy to figure out how to open, but even if there was no trick to opening them, they would be desirable. I enjoy the organic elegance of wood anyway, so the use of numerous different sorts of wood on these appealing tiny boxes had me hooked proper off the bat. They can be used as a decorative piece, or a functional box to maintain items in.


Intarsia is a woodworking technique, that requires the use of various sorts of wood, lower in shapes that interlock like a puzzle, to develop a beautiful design , or picture. The historical past of Intarsia goes back centuries.