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This is a good reason to avoid using poor quality shed plans. Although building a shed seems pretty straightforward, and it is, if you know what you are doing, the plans do need to be extremely accurate. Don’t say you haven’t received ample warning about the dangers of poor quality shed plans!

Another big issue is safety. Imagine you build a shed with shelving which is not properly designed. If you put weight on the shelves, they may collapse immediately or later – which could injure someone. It is even possible that they entire shed may collapse in bad weather, or just as a result of poor design. This means you not only face possible injury to yourself or someone else, you also waste time and money. This is why “free” may not always be the best option. It is better that you heed the warning and avoid poor quality shed plans, rather than relying on them and finding yourself in difficulties.

For anyone working on a project, especially an inexperienced builder, it is vital to have everything in place before beginning the project. The easiest way to do this is to develop a clear plan of action. This can be done by asking yourself the following questions:

o Build it with a friend; the project will go much smoother with an extra set of hands.

Remember, free shed plans come with no guarantee. If you have your shed plans designed by a professional, you have a guarantee of their accuracy, as well as someone to ask if you have a problem or don’t understand any aspect of the designs. With free shed plans, unless you know what you are doing, you have no way of knowing how to avoid poor quality shed plans. “Free” may not be the best option. Do your research, and if you have any doubts sending up warning signals, reconsider using them.

The reason why you should be looking online first is because of the sheer number of choices you have. Sure you can stroll down to your local home improvement store and look up some wooden shed plans however the sheer variety of plans that you can be found online cannot be found anywhere else. Having said that there are a few considerations that you must take before you get your wooden shed plans:

My Shed Plans Elite is also packed with advice and tips used by professional, the sort of thing only guys who do it for a living usually know, like how to properly insulate your shed or how to make a real watertight roof so you can build a shed that not only looks great but it will last for years. A shed that you can really be proud of, and you’ll be pleased to show to your friends.

Well, there are many sources to get good plans for your sheds. Some of them are mentioned below –

The first thing that you should decide is how big you want your shed to be. To accomplish this step, you will need to consider the things that you will be storing in the shed. Measure or at least make an estimate of the general size of all the stuff that will go into it. Do not forget to make some allowance for future stuff that you will be putting in the shed. The general rule is to add anywhere between 20 to 25% for circulation and growth. After all, you would not want a shed that is cramped. Most shelves feature shelves where smaller items can be stored.

a. Get some good 10 x 12 shed plans: They might be closer than you think. Good 10×12 shed plans can be sourced from either the internet or even a home improvement store. In order to get the plans you need to understand the kind of sheds first, typically there are 4 kinds: Gable Shed, Gambrel Shed, Lean Shed and Salt Box Shed. Because a 10×12 shed is fairly large construction you are best to either choose a plan relating to a Gabel Shed or a Gambrel Shed. If size is what you want, then nothing can beat a Gambrel shed as these have a distinct inverted ‘U’ shape which is designed to squeeze every last drop of functional space out of them.