Wooden Swing Sets on a Budget – Swing Set Plans

But how can you obtain and install outdoor swings and what types are best for you? Read on and you’ll find out!

Try to remember your special places when you were a child. Some of them still exist but many are no longer available as our communities have changed. The empty lots we played in have been developed, the park paths are no longer safe for our children to wander alone. With some planning, you can create some of your favorite places in your own back yard.

If your kids like the sport accessories you may want to install wooden rock climbs. They are very safe and can be attached to any kind of swing. The rock climbs can offer different levels of complexity.

Less engaging and preferred by many kids are the toy accessories like car flounes, pirate helms and other static toys that can be attached on the side of the swing.

Next carefully measure the backyard so you know for sure how big the set will be and that it will fit within the parameters of your yard. It is recommended that you provide a 6′ foot buffer zone around any swing set and if you don’t measure properly you could have a set that is in violation of a home owner association guidelines or one that encroaches on a neighbors or town property. Also make sure you trim tree branches and bushes well in advance of installation so no hanging limbs or prickly stems get in the way during construction or when kids are playing on the set.

Multiple accessories can accompany your garden swing set. Which accessories you choose will ultimately affect your feelings when you sit on your swing. Cluttering a space with items just for the sake of having them rarely makes anyone feel good for long, but choosing these items carefully can enhance your enjoyment of your garden swing set.

1. Obtain building plans. Unless you really have experience and know how to design a swing set, don’t try to do it. Trust the professionals and buy or download for free plans that are measured, calculated and tested. You can find such plans for free or buy a whole set with them for $10 – $15 – the investment is well worth it.

There are a few things you need to decide before you can jump right into building your own swings. The first consideration is cost. There are several companies that offer elaborate swing set plans along with parts and materials that cost thousands of dollars. While these swings are top of the line, not all of us can afford the price tag. By first determining your price range, you will then be able to select a swing set plan tailored to your budget.

Having a backyard swing set is one of the joys of childhood. From simple chain link swings to elaborate play sets with jungle gyms, ropes and wave slides these entertaining play sets provide kids with hours of outdoor fun. But not all swing sets are alike and many cut corners on construction and material quality to mass produce cheap sets that don’t measure up to the more well-crafted sets. When shopping for a swing set, or if you plan to design your own, keep several factors in mind to ensure your kids are playing on the safest and most durable swing set possible.

Remember Safety