Wooden Toy Plans – wooden toy plans

Plans can be taken from your craftsman of choice. If he is into this kind of business, then he must have some good lists of designs to offer you. One advantage in taking a wooden boat plan from him is that you can be guaranteed that he can get the job done in due time. He must have done this kind of design before. Your boat will not be an ‘experimental’ unit but surely a success. His expertise can be right away applied into serving you.

Regularly inspect your child’s toys for signs of wear and tear and loose parts as even the strongest toys can eventually show signs of damage. I look for wooden toys that use water based dyes rather than paints, they look great as you still get to see the grain of the wood rather than a thick coat of paint. It is a good idea to look at the sort of adhesive used on the toy, there are child safe adhesives on many wooden toys.

Not all wooden toys are meant to be played with. Some are so delicate and beautiful that they are meant to be displayed only. If you do some research you can find some amazing wooden pieces of art that you would never let a child near. To make something like this would require you to have excellent plans and be a top-notch woodworker.

Wooden Wagon Plans

A typical wooden toy plan consists of the following things:

It is not costly to build a wagon yourself. In fact, all you’ll be needing for basic wagon construction are: wooden slats, wagon handle, hardwood, wheels and basic woodworking tools. Hard wood is used as a base because it is sturdy enough to hold the wagon together.

Larger toys such as push carts and cars are also great fun for slightly older children and can help them burn off energy. If you’re buying a painted wooden toy, ensure that the paint is not toxic and is suitable for children to put in their mouths. Also look out for the FSC mark which informs you that the wood is taken from a managed source and is therefore a renewable material.

Fortunately, wooden toys are enjoying something of a revival at the moment because they are more environmentally friendly and long lasting. They could even become a treasured heirloom that your children could pass on to their children.


Knowing that you made them toys will mean a lot to them when they get older. And there are so many different wooden toy plans to choose from they could end up with a lot of them. Anything from wooden blocks to moving puppets. The only thing holding you back is your imagination and your skill level.