Woodwork Bench – woodworking benches

4 – 2″ x 4″ x 80-1/2″ Upper and Lower Long rails

Start with a woodwork bench for your next project. The great thing about a bench is that you can make it simple or more complicated.

The surface of the workbench is made up of two 3/4″ sheets of plywood. To secure the sheets of plywood together cover the surface of one sheet with wood glue and align the second sheet on top. Screw together with 1-1/4″ screws. This provides a flat and stable working surface that will be easy to clamp to and hold a nail or screw well.

2 – 2″ x 4″ x 34-1/2″ Middle Stretcher

The screw diameter and the diameter to the alignment rods make the most difference when it comes to keeping the vise’s jaws parallel with one another when you tighten it down. A 7/8” diameter screw and equally husky rods offer enough rigidity to keep the jaws from flexing outward at the top under any normal working condition. Also, it’s important to note that most quality vises use a “toe in” design, meaning that the outer jaw tilts inward slightly to account for outward flexing and to apply the greatest pressure at the top of the jaws where it is most needed.

The other common type of workbench vise, an “end vise”, is stationed at one end of the workbench. Typically, the primary function of an end vise is to hold material flat on the surface of the bench, pinched between one or more “dogs” sticking up from the top surface of the vise’s jaw and corresponding dogs fitted into holes in the bench surface. But the most useful type of end vise is arguably one that’s set up like a front vise, with the same screw-and-two-rods design. End vises of this type are usually sold with just the screw and guide rod mechanism, which attaches to one end of the bench and is outfitted with a wooden jaw equal in width to the workbench.

Your final woodworking bench will be well suited for your needs and if you choose your accessories properly you find you are able to work faster and safer.

Any woodworking enthusiast or DIY person that likes putting together their own project needs a woodworking bench. You need the right bench since it will be the center of your workshop and the place where your plans come together.

One of my favorite woodwork bench project is the table and bench set that allows for four benches and an umbrella in the center of the table. I like it in red cedar, but you can use other quality woods like teak and redwood. It is an elegant plan and is certainly worth considering.

Time for some assembly.