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If you have just had a baby then you should know the number of items required just to keep your little bundle of joy clean, happy and healthy. There are so many things like nappies, diapers, clothes, towels, creams, baby powder and soaps and the list can go on and on. You need some good quality furniture to keep your baby items in an organized manner so that you get whatever you want when you just reach out for it.

So what does this mean? You need to have available to you a variety of good plans so you can choose one that you like, that matches both your skill level and the woodworking tools that you have available. Free or Purchased Woodworking Plans? I keep using the ‘B’ word, but the truth is, especially in today’s economy, we’re all on a budget. That’s why people are often looking for free woodworking plans. A word of advice – you will save much, much more in the long-run, or even on a single project, but having the right selection of plans, and they usually don’t come free.

No matter how “pasty” you feel the day before your wedding, do not hit the beach or tanning salon! There’s nothing worse than a sun burnt bride with bad tan lines in the wedding photos. No matter how fat you feel 10 days before your wedding, do NOT go on an all-cabbage crash diet! You’re dress won’t fit right and you’ll be weak, tired and cranky on your wedding day…and no matter how much thinner you look, who really finds beauty in a bitchy bride? No matter how large your pores look or how many fine lines you find, do NOT get an emergency microdermabrasion, chemical peel, or laser facial treatment in the week before your wedding, especially if you’ve never before experienced any major facial resurfacing. Scarring and pigmentary changes (light and dark patches) are common side effects of many skin rejuvenation techniques, such as laser resurfacing, dermal abrasion and chemical peels. In fact, don’t even try any new facial soaps, scrubs, lotions or acne treatments in the days before your wedding. Who wants to deal with red, inflamed, irritated skin on their wedding day! Stick to what your skin knows and loves, despite the fines lines and pores, and you’ll be a much happier bride. And lastly, no matter how flat your hair feels, do NOT surprise your hair dresser on the morning of your wedding with a new home perm or hair streaks. If you truly feel the need for a new look for your wedding day, discuss this with your hair dresser during your pre-wedding hair appointment and have her make any major changes needed at that time.

On the other hand, you can also search for woodworker plans online. There are lots available in various websites which can either come for free or for a fee depending on the website you stumble on.

4. Poor Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Planning

Ever heard the phrase, “you get what you pay for?” There’s probably a reason why Videographer X is only half the price of Videographer Z. Just ask to see samples of their work and you’ll probably see why. When it comes to the “big” vendors (ie: reception venues, photographers, florists, bakeries, etc…), interview several in varying price ranges and compare not only samples of their work, but years of experience, references, and training/education. Also, when talking to each vendor, try to assess whether you would be comfortable working with this vendor and how well their “style” melds with your vision of your special day; this is especially important for vendors who will provide services throughout the day (ie: photographers, videographers, djs, etc…). Your make up artist may be top of the line, but if she makes you feel ugly and self-conscious about your nose size right before your wedding pictures, who needs her!

There are plans available out there that actually come with a video showing you exactly what to do and what not to do. This kind of instructional video is great for people who are novices when it comes to woodworking and haven’t really tried making DIY wood furniture before.

A dresser is a great idea for your baby’s nursery or even if you do not have a separate room for your infant, a dresser is ideal to store your baby’s clothes and other accessories. When you think of picking up furniture for your baby you want something solid and sturdy. You want the piece of furniture to last you till your last child has outgrown and infant and toddler age group. Going in for a dresser made from solid wood like maple or Oakwood is better than going in for one made from plastic or other composite material.

A baby dresser is a good addition to your baby’s nursery. While this may be not as important as other needs of the baby, you still need to check carefully the one you plan to buy if you have enough money. If you think buying a baby dresser seems like wasting your money or spending too much for the needs of your baby, you can choose a baby dresser of very high quality so other can still use it once your baby has grown up. You can actually sell it as a second-item nursery furniture. Baby dressers can be items of good investment too if you know how to choose the right one.

Moreover, in choosing an excellent blueprint to use, I strongly advise you to look for a blueprint with a good design that’s suitable for you. It would also benefit you if the same dresser blueprint would have a good working diagrams so you can easily follow and implement all the instruction.