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So wouldn’t it be great if you could find thousands of fresh, easy woodworking project ideas all in one place? And what if every one of those great projects came with a complete set of blueprints, a listing of all the materials you would need and even the tools you will require to build it? I’m telling ya, you would feel like you had died and gone to heaven.

Ted McGrath is the owner of the site and is an experienced woodworking specialist. He understands the problems that many people have with conventional plans and free plans you can find online. That’s why this collection of plans is created for everybody in mind. It’s so easy to use and find the plans that you need.

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Videos on VHS And CDs offer great quality and convenience. You can have a whole stack of them to refer to. You can play them back whenever you like without download problems. Videotapes and CDs on woodworking can be ordered over the Internet at the convenience of your own home. Videos sold over the Internet also tend to cost less and you can compare prices as well as read customer reviews.

There are only a few good sites with great woodworker plans online. They provide you with numerous plans including dog house plans, dresser plans, garage plans and bird house plans among others.

Videos On The Internet

The perfect plan must have the following characteristics:

Woodworking DVDs come highly recommended, but they are not just good for beginners. Even if you consider yourself an experienced DIYer, you are sure to reap benefits from tutorial videos and the hints and tips contained within them.

Do it yourself projects can also be found throughout magazines. Popular Woodworking, American Woodworking Magazine, and Modern Woodworking are among the most popular. Recent publications usually feature current projects and plans for the latest current design. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to find the plan for the project you are looking for. Once again, it is time consuming as you certainly will need to explore loads of back issues to put your hand on the plan you are seeking for.