Woodworking Jewelry Box – Jewelry Box Plans

A music movement adds a pleasant touch, but it is not necessary. There is space in the top for necklaces, which saves room. You can use thick foam covered in velvet, which gives a first-rate area for rings and earrings. You can make a glass cover to keep dust off the music movement. The thick foam helps hold the cover in place. By adding thinner foam to the front, you have space for pierced earrings, bracelets, or other items. This thinner foam helps to control the cover, as well.

Wedding favors for your guests can really be anything, from bags of candy to picture frames to candles. However, if you have a little more money to spend to thank your guests for coming, or if you have a small amount of guests, a really nice gift would be a tiny personalized jewelry box. This item would not only be useful to your guests later on, they are also beautiful. There are jewelry boxes that are small enough to hold just a few items that would make very nice favors, and you could personalize them with your wedding information, such as your names and the date.

Making a box can also be difficult if you don’t know much about hinges, lids, and trays. The sides are the simplest part to assemble, but the rest can be quite complicated unless you have a detailed plan and knowledge about reading plans. Large chests with multiple drawers and compartments are more complex than they appear. If you buy a kit and make a mistake, you might have to buy a new kit.

The Other Relatives: Do you have aunts, uncles or cousins that you need to get something for but you’re not sure what? Check out the selection of trinket boxes for delightful novelty items that your relatives can add to their collection. They’re big enough to hold a small bit of jewelry or an accessory and they serve as decorative to boot. Got a pool buff in the family? Pick up an eight ball trinket jewelry box and you’ve got Christmas in the corner pocket. Have a card-playing cousin or uncle? Pick up a deck of cards trinket boxes and you’ll have a winning hand.

For a jewelry box installing hinges can either be a piece of cake or can take a countless hours, and the last thing you want is mishap when the project id nearing completion.

Wooden jewelry boxes are classic and timeless and one of the reasons this is true is because you can find one to match any decor. With the multitude of woods and finished available you can fine something to match any decorative style from Victorian to contemporary. So take note of her decorative preferences, especially her bedroom, and go out and find something that matches. She will love the fact that you took the time and energy to get it right.

Hinges come in many different material format and including metal hinges and plastic hinges, such as stainless steel and aluminum hinges. Other choices of material include titanium, brass, and acrylic. Thickness of material ranges and depends on the hinge application. Hinges can be graduated curves or precise circles or can be laser cut to produce intricate inside and outside radiuses. When selecting a hinge consider the size of your jewelry box, weight of the object supported and the material of the hinge.

The song should sound lively and clear. If the song is already out of tune or plays too slow or too fast, there could be a defect or the battery may be dying. If you plan to keep this for years, then the jewelry box should allow access to the battery compartment.

One sure fire way to ensure that your gift is remembered and has special meaning is to provide some personalization. Through monogramming or engraving wooden jewelry boxes you can add a level of personalization that most gifts cannot provide. Adding a special message proclaiming your admiration will ensure that your significant other will see it each morning and each evening before bed reminding her of exactly how much she is loved and cherished by you.

Soft velvet or sueded fabric, whether it’s cotton or polyester, will protect the jewelry from scratches. A paper lining may come unglued quickly and small pieces of jewelry can get lost behind it. The ballerina’s spring should be sturdy and the ballerina made of good plastic so she doesn’t chip.