Woodworking Power Tools You Should Consider Purchasing – woodworking power tools

If you are getting started in woodworking, you will need a number of power tools. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Below you will find my recommended power tool list:

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Make sure that YOU treat every tool with the respect and care it deserves, that every tool you use is well maintained and well sharpened, and that your wood shop or work area is tidy enough to prevent spills.

The DIY network also provides an excellent overview of what should be in your first aid kit.

Named after its traditional use in making scrollworks (which are sculptural ornaments that feature scroll-head designs), the scroll saw is a small electric or pedal-operated saw that woodworkers use to cut curves where a jigsaw is not appropriate.

Plunge Router: This power tool is used to cut profiles and outlines on wood pieces. The bit can be lowered into the wood while you are cutting through it.

That said, it’s not just tidiness that keeps you safe… it’s also keeping your workspace free from distractions that break your vital concentration. This includes, but it not limited to the radio, someone hollering that the phone is for you, your cell phone ringing and the list could go on…

So, buy the biggest one you can afford, 6 to 8″ is what most end up going with just because of price. A good jointer will have a dead flat table top, a fence that slides easily and have stops at 90 and 45 degrees, and have good dust control.

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