Woodworking Project Tips – scroll saw patterns

So many images and sources are on the web today, one could get lost in the maze of deciding which pattern or idea would be right for their project. It is also more economical if you did not have to purchase the design. If you are creative, you can find ideas for designs that are all around you. For instance, all types of magazines have colorful advertisements which catch the eye.

– You’ll want to use very small pieces in the work area to hold your layers together if you use the recommended tape (~ 1/2″ square pieces unless you are working on something really big).

Revelation 12:1-17, Commentary

Moral of the story, slow that speed down and let that nice thin blade keep on keeping on. Numbers #9 to #12 blades should be run at faster speeds, you will get sand free cuts and heat is not a real factor with these bigger blades.

Some points to remember:

Let’s talk about scroll saw blades there are hundreds of blades on the market today.

Next set the saw on your bench where you want to mount it and mark the 4 corner holes to bolt the saw down. After you drill the holes, take both pieces of the padding and fit them over the holes.


I am currently using Scotch Brand Outdoor Carpet tape CT3010 which works great. This is definitely the strongest sticking tape I have used so you only need tiny pieces to hold your wood together. It does however still require a little work to get the adhesive off.

Walnut, Black – Heartwood is chocolate with a creamy white sapwood. When air dried the heartwood can take on a slight purple hue. – On the hardness scale walnut is softer than maple, birch and ash and slightly harder than cherry. – Walnut is relatively easy to work with, finished easily and is quite strong. – When used for overlay or trim in contrast with lighter woods, walnut can be most useful as it is the only dark North American hardwood.