Woodworking Project Tips – scroll saw projects

The first and most common feature in jig saws is the fact that they have different speeds that can be used while performing various jobs. We all know that when working with certain materials we may need to adjust the speed of the saw that we are working with.

Once you have your basic tools, you can then start your search for simple woodworking projects. There are many plans available to follow, some of which are free and some attract a fee. You can find a range of projects on the internet to get you started.

Make Christmas Decorations with roll Christmas wrapping paper. This way to the scroll saw short cut Christmas project…..

Mineral oil is a non-drying oil made from petroleum. It is colorless, odorless, tasteless and entirely inert. Mineral oil will not turn rancid after time as many vegetable oils eventually do. It appears to be the non-drying oil of choice for this reason.

I am currently using Scotch Brand Outdoor Carpet tape CT3010 which works great. This is definitely the strongest sticking tape I have used so you only need tiny pieces to hold your wood together. It does however still require a little work to get the adhesive off.

Pure tung oil can be difficult to apply, and requires many coats to offer good water resistance. The drying time is quite long, usually between 24-48 hours on average, but this depends on the porosity of the wood. It will take three to four coats to achieve a waterproof surface, and you can lightly sand or buff the surface with extra fine steel wool between coats.

Reverse Spiral – Same as spiral but with every third tooth in the opposite direction for cleaner cuts and less burrs

I believe most if not all scroll sawyers out there will eventually have a use for stack cutting. Sometimes a pattern requires multiples of the same piece, other times you may want to do multiples of a project. Stack cutting will make your life easier and a roll of good carpet tape should find its home in your tool box.

Delta 40-690 This is Delta’s latest scroll saw. This saw is functionally an exact replica of the DW-788 and comes with a light and stand. If you need the light and stand, this whole package can sometimes be found for cheaper than purchasing the three separately from Dewalt. The Delta name has recently been sold by Black and Decker so be aware that this may bring about changes.

Since most of the information I have found seems to favor drying and non-drying oils as food safe finishes, I will focus on those two options and give a few facts about each.