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Woodworking as a hobby can give you great gratification as you show off your projects to your family and friends. However as a bonus, woodworking can become a profession. One set of woodworking plans that you may use to make a useful project as a hobby can be used again and again to produce fine furniture that can be sold for a nice profit or become a family heirloom built with your own hands.

By and large, the carpentry projects plans and projects blueprints can largely level up your woodworking skills and also your enthusiasm about this fantastic hobby. It is almost as if you were right next to a highly-experienced craftsman, explaining you in detail what the steps are in order to effectively completing the carpentry job of your choice. Your “woodworking teacher” shows you in little, easy to follow steps, how to follow through a woodworking project, what resources are required, how to apply certain carpentry techniques, how to use various different woodworking gears, and so on. In particular – but not only – for woodworking starters, a fantastic reference to have.

DVD cases: instead of just producing a wooden piece of case, you can take the time to treat the wood, and carve designs into the edges. This ways the DVD case becomes more aesthetic and adds an ethnic touch to your room. To make the project more challenging you can also add a small lantern above the DVD case to light your DVD’s and CD’s in the dark. If this design proves complex for you, adding a carved door is enough to make this project slightly different and more fascinating.

Okay, the website I’m talking about for wood plans is minwax.com. The reason I like minwax.com is there are over 2 dozen free woodworking project plans in pdf format with immediate free download. Also, there aren’t any forms to fill out asking for your personal information. You find the plan for the project you are interested in and click on it and open it on your computer no questions asked.

Another reason why I like the free plans on minwax.com is these projects are all set up to also be a free woodworking lesson. The wood project plans include free woodworking lessons with step by step instructions with helpful hints, including shop safety thrown in. And since these projects are sponsored by Minwax there is detailed advice for applying the finish coat to each project.

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If you start out using a good set of woodworking plans you learn to build the most effective way. It’s the attention to detail that makes a woodworking project stand out. If you will start from the beginning learning this mindset you will see the results in your woodworking projects. Having family and friends admire the project you completed is a rewarding feeling.

The free projects cover a wide range of wood projects. For example the Accessories plan category has free wood project plans for wood nesting trays, a Shaker-Style Coat and Mitten Rack, and a Arts & Crafts Table Lamp. Other project categories include Free Furniture projects, Outdoor plans including free plans with instructions for building a porch swing, a garden bench and a planter. The Storage project plans category include stackable shelves, a Hard Maple Kitchen Shelf, and a CD Holder.

In particular for starters in working with wood, it is highly suggested to check out some of these woodworking plans. You will be astonished by the huge number of different woodworking projects these blueprints offer. You can easily scan through all these plans and get a great idea of how long a certain project will take you to complete it. Another thing I really like about these plans is that you can make copies of e.g. the exhaustive assembly instructions, or you can even email some of the information to share with friends, etc. The plans give really greatly exhaustive instructions for several projects. And nowadays, these digital woodworking plans are not anymore limited in their content to a certain group of projects, say only chairs or so. Instead, they often have several thousands of unique woodworking plans and prints of all kinds of furniture etc. projects.